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Name Fish Fish Chance Junk Chance Special Chance
Shallow Shores Raw Shrimp (item).svg Raw Shrimp
Raw Lobster (item).svg Raw Lobster
Raw Crab (item).svg Raw Crab
75% 25% 0%
Shrapnel River Raw Sardine (item).svg Raw Sardine
Raw Herring (item).svg Raw Herring
Raw Carp (item).svg Raw Carp
80% 20% 0%
Trench of Despair Raw Blowfish (item).svg Raw Blowfish
Raw Poison Fish (item).svg Raw Poison Fish
Raw Anglerfish (item).svg Raw Anglerfish
Raw Cave Fish (item).svg Raw Cave Fish
70% 28% 2%
Lemvor Pier Raw Trout (item).svg Raw Trout
Raw Salmon (item).svg Raw Salmon
Raw Fanfish (item).svg Raw Fanfish
70% 29% 1%
Open Waters Raw Swordfish (item).svg Raw Swordfish
Raw Manta Ray (item).svg Raw Manta Ray
69% 29% 2%
Barren Ocean Raw Shark (item).svg Raw Shark
Raw Whale (item).svg Raw Whale
90% 10% 0%
Barbarian Fishing Leaping Trout (item).svg Leaping Trout
Leaping Salmon (item).svg Leaping Salmon
Leaping Broad Fish (item).svg Leaping Broad Fish
95% 5% 0%
Secret Area Raw Seahorse (item).svg Raw Seahorse
Raw Skeleton Fish (item).svg Raw Skeleton Fish
Raw Magic Fish (item).svg Raw Magic Fish
95% 0% 5%