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Automatic version of Template:WeaponStats that pulls data via Lua. {{AutoWeaponStats|Sunset Rapier}} becomes

Weapon Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
Attack Speed 2200 Defence (skill).svg Defence Bonus 0
Attack Type Combat.svg Melee Defence (skill).svg Damage Reduction 0%
Strength (skill).svg Strength Bonus 63 Ranged (skill).svg Defence Bonus 0
Combat.svg Stab Bonus 65 Magic (skill).svg Defence Bonus 0
Combat.svg Slash Bonus 55 Other
Combat.svg Block Bonus 65 Slayer (skill).svg Bonus Slayer XP 0%
Ranged (skill).svg Attack Bonus 0 Attack (skill).svg Level Required 70
Ranged (skill).svg Strength Bonus 0 Ranged (skill).svg Level Required 0
Magic (skill).svg Attack Bonus 0 Magic (skill).svg Level Required 0
Magic (skill).svg % Damage Bonus 0% Two Handed? false