Spirit Rune

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Spirit Rune
Spirit Rune
No Description
Item ID: melvorF:Spirit_Rune
Category: Runecrafting
Type: Rune
Sells For: 1
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Cursed Maiden
  • Runecrafting Level 80
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Runecrafting Level 80
Materials 1 Rune Essence
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 24 XP
Base Creation Time 2s




Spell Requirements Type Description Runes Item Cost
Crystal Sanction Crystal Sanction Magic Level 85 Aurora +15% Global Evasion
+3% chance to apply Crystal Sanction to the Target when attacking (Next Attack Turn from Target deals no Damage)
-2% Attack Interval
5 Nature Rune, 4 Spirit Rune, 4 Ancient Rune
Superheat III Superheat III Magic Level 64 Alt. Magic Create 3 x bars using 1 x required ores. 1 Nature Rune, 4 Earth Rune, 4 Fire Rune, 1 Spirit Rune
1 Nature Rune, 4 Lava Rune, 1 Spirit Rune
Rags to Riches II Rags to Riches II Magic Level 70 Alt. Magic Convert Coal Ore into a random Gem. 2 Nature Rune, 4 Water Rune, 4 Earth Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
2 Nature Rune, 4 Mud Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
1 Coal Ore
Item Alchemy III Item Alchemy III Magic Level 76 Alt. Magic Convert selected item into GP worth 160% of the item's base sale price. 1 Nature Rune, 5 Fire Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
Holy Invocation II Holy Invocation II Magic Level 80 Alt. Magic Enchants 1 x Medium Urn which can then be buried for 500 Prayer Points 15 Spirit Rune 1 Medium Urn
Superheat IV Superheat IV Magic Level 95 Alt. Magic Create 3 x bars using 1 x required ores, ignoring all Coal Requirements. 2 Nature Rune, 7 Earth Rune, 7 Fire Rune, 3 Spirit Rune
2 Nature Rune, 7 Lava Rune, 3 Spirit Rune
Nullification Nullification Magic Level 100 Alt. Magic Converts 1,000 x Pure Essence in to 600 x Rune Essence. 8 Nature Rune, 5 Spirit Rune 1,000 Pure Essence
1 Runestone
Transmutation Transmutation Magic Level 102 Alt. Magic Converts a selected Superior Gem into Magic XP equal to 3% of the base sale price. 12 Nature Rune, 6 Spirit Rune


Task Requirements Rewards
Hard 5,000 Ancient Rune
5,000 Spirit Rune
GP 500,000