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This article is about training the Smithing skill. For the skill itself, see Smithing.
This page is out of date (v1.0.1).


There are several items you can use to increase the rate at which you train the Smithing (skill).svg Smithing skill:

Name Description
Ancient Ring of Skills (item).svg Ancient Ring of Skills +8% XP in any non-combat skill.
Iridan (constellation).svg Iridan Up to +15% Smithing XP and down to -15% Smithing action interval.
Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg Clue Chasers Insignia Higher chance to get mastery tokens.
Pyro (pet).png Pyro +1% XP in any skill.
Firemaking Skillcape (item).svg Firemaking Skillcape +5% XP in any skill.
Art of Control (upgrade).svg Art of Control Shortens Smithing, Cooking, and Firemaking action intervals by 15%
Puff, the Baby Dragon (pet).svg Puff, the Baby Dragon +10% chance to preserve resources when Smithing.
Smithing Skillcape (item).svg Smithing Skillcape Halves the Coal Ore (item).svg Coal Ore requirements when smelting bars with Smithing.
Seeing Gold Potion IV (item).svg Seeing Gold Potion IV Up to to +75% chance to receive a Gold Bar when Smithing Silver Bars
Smithing Gloves (item).svg Smithing Gloves +60% Smithing XP when worn, until depleted.


It should be noted that the results of Smithing (skill).svg Smithing are used in other methods, so unless you need to unlock some item to craft it, there is no need to rush Smithing Level 99.

XP-only method

If you have some other leftover ores, the general approach is to smelt bars and then use most of them per craft by smithing platebodies if they're unlocked. You can smith other items - it will just take longer because the XP per used bar is always the same.

The method below assumes that you have Mining Skillcape (item).svg Mining Skillcape. If you don't have it yet, please refer to Mining/Training.
The idea of the method is to make items that take most bars per craft.

  1. Mine ores
  2. Smelt bars
  3. Make items that eat most bars. The best one is Platebody. Stop on Rune Platebody (item).svg Rune Platebody and do it until Smithing Level 99.
    Use Smithing Gloves (item).svg Smithing Gloves if you can afford to maintain charges above zero.
  4. If you have not enough coal and will need Rune Essence (item).svg Rune Essence in the future, mine it with Mining Skillcape (item).svg Mining Skillcape. Otherwise mine Coal Ore (item).svg Coal Ore with it.
    Use Mining Gloves (item).svg Mining Gloves if you can afford to maintain charges above zero.
  5. Sell created platebodies.

The table below shows how many bars you need to smelt and then use to create items with in order to reach the next threshold.
The Steel Bar (item).svg Steel Bar is skipped because it triples the mining time, and you're likely to overmine something with such short timings.
The Adamantite Bar (item).svg Adamantite Bar is skipped because you will miss on the mastery bonuses in the bars creation for Mithril Bar (item).svg Mithril and Runite Bar (item).svg Runite otherwise.
It should be also noted that the numbers below are for the barebones setup without or any XP bonuses. With bonuses, the number of required bars is lower.

The number of bars was calculated by using the "Melvor Idle Rate & Resource Calculator" by Kidbiz20 from Spreadsheets_and_Theorycrafting and then adjusting the number from the column "Resources to Level X" by the fact that we account for the XP from the bars that are need for the items. For instance, to go from level 40 to 55, you need 2,589 Mithril Bar (item).svg Mithril Bars if you craft items. If you account for the XP from the required bars then it's

[math]x\times 50 + x\times35 = 2589\times 50[/math],
[math]x = 1523[/math].

Level Item Bars without Smithing Gloves (item).svg Gloves Bars with Smithing Gloves (item).svg Gloves
1-10 Bronze Bar (item).svg Bronze Bar 78
231 if just bars
145 if just bars
10-30 Iron Bar (item).svg Iron Bar 437 274
30-40 just Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bar 1,591 995
40-70 Mithril Bar (item).svg Mithril Bar 8,241 5,151
70-99 Runite Bar (item).svg Runite Bar 98,375 61,485

Useful Items method

The idea of this method is to create the items that you will use to buy things or to level other skills.

The table below provides notable examples where the bars can be used.

Level Bars Used where How many
1-10 Bronze Bar (item).svg Bronze Bar Basic Furnace (upgrade).svg Basic Furnace,
Basic Pot (upgrade).svg Basic Pot
10-30 Steel Bar (item).svg Steel Bar Strong Furnace (upgrade).svg Strong Furnace,
Strong Pot (upgrade).svg Strong Pot
30-40 Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bar Trimming 7700+
40-55 Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bar Trimming 7700+
40-99 what is made from
Mithril Bar (item).svg Mithril,
Adamantite Bar (item).svg Adamant,
Runite Bar (item).svg Rune,
Dragonite Bar (item).svg Dragon
Summoning (skill).svg Summoning varies