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Smithing is used to turn ore into bars, weapons, armour, and arrowtips. Smithing an item takes two seconds. Utilizing Seeing Gold Potions gives a 10-75% chance to produce a Gold Bar when smelting Silver Bars. Raising smithing to level 99 will unlock the Smithing Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Smithing Skillcape halves the Coal Ore requirement when smelting bars.

Smithing or Smelting an item normally takes 2 seconds. Purchasing the Art of Control god upgrade reduces this time by 20% to 1.6 seconds.

Mastery Unlocks

Smithing has two Mastery unlocks.

  • Starting at mastery level 10, smithed items have a 10% chance to have their output doubled, scaling incrementally, every 20 levels, to 50% at mastery level 90.
  • Starting at mastery level 20, smithed items have a 10% chance to have their costs refunded, scaling incrementally, every 20 levels, to 40% at mastery level 80.


Bronze Gear

Iron Gear

Steel Gear

Mithril Gear

Adamant Gear

Rune Gear

Dragon Gear

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