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Slayer experience can be earned by killing the monsters found in Slayer Areas, regardless of if the player has a task for that monster. The Slayer experience earned in Slayer Areas is equal to 5% of the slain monster's hitpoints. Slayer Areas with equipment entry requirements require the item to be worn during Combat to deal damage to the monster being fought. Unequipping the required item during combat results in the player's attacks consistently missing. Wearing a Slayer Skillcape removes this requirement.

Slayer Areas

Slayer Area Name Monster Difficulty Highest Combat Level Monster Entry Requirements
Penumbra (combatArea).svg Penumbra Easy - Hard 100
Forest of Goo (combatArea).svg Forest of Goo Easy - Hard 69
Strange Cave (combatArea).svg Strange Cave Medium - Hard 82 Slayer (skill).svg Level 10

Mirror Shield (item).svg Equipped

Holy Isles (combatArea).svg Holy Isles Medium - Hard 80 Slayer (skill).svg Level 30
High Lands (combatArea).svg High Lands Very Hard 182 Slayer (skill).svg Level 60

Magical Ring (item).svg Equipped

Desolate Plains (combatArea).svg Desolate Plains Very Hard 239 Slayer (skill).svg Level 70
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