Slayer Platebody (Elite)

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This page is out of date (v0.19.2).
Slayer Platebody (Elite)
Slayer Platebody (Elite) (item).svg
Passive: +30% Slayer Skill XP and +15% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Item ID: 489
Category: Combat
Type: Armour
Sells For: Coins.svg 5,700
Equipment Slot: Platebody, Passive

+30% Slayer Skill XP
+15% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation

Item Sources:
  • Upgrading: Slayer Platebody (Strong) (item).svg
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The 'Slayer Platebody (Elite) is the third tier of Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Melee Chest Armour.

Due to a bug, the Slayer XP bonus provided is currently only +5% instead of the +30% it should be.


Armour Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
Strength (skill).svg Strength Bonus 22 Defence (skill).svg Defence Bonus 82
Combat.svg Stab Bonus 7 Defence (skill).svg Damage Reduction 4%
Combat.svg Slash Bonus 7 Ranged (skill).svg Defence Bonus 80
Combat.svg Block Bonus 7 Magic (skill).svg Defence Bonus -6
Ranged (skill).svg Attack Bonus -10 Other
Ranged (skill).svg Strength Bonus 0 Slayer (skill).svg Bonus Slayer XP 30%
Magic (skill).svg Attack Bonus -30 Defence (skill).svg Level Required 60
Magic (skill).svg % Damage Bonus 0% Ranged (skill).svg Level Required 0
Magic (skill).svg Level Required 0

Item Sources


Item Upgrade
Materials 1 Slayer Platebody (Strong) (item).svg Slayer Platebody (Strong)
1 Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Elite) (item).svg Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Elite)