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This page is out of date (v0.16.3).

The shop offers a number of items for purchase for Coins.svg GP or Slayer Coins.svg Slayer Coins. For example the player can upgrade their Pickaxe, Axe, Fishing Rod, buy some basic ingredients, purchase new Slayer Gear and a couple of other things.

General Upgrades


  • The cost of bank slots, [math] C_b [/math] increases with the number of slots purchased, [math] n [/math] by:

[math]C_b = \left \lfloor \frac{2654570(50(n+2))}{142015^{\frac{163}{122+n}}}\right \rfloor[/math].

The cost of bank slots is capped at Coins.svg 5,000,000, which occurs after purchasing 118 slot upgrades. For more details see the Bank page.

Auto Eat

Skill Upgrades


Fishing Rods


Cooking Fires

God Upgrades

God upgrades are powerful upgrades that can only be purchased after defeating their respective god dungeon.


In order to purchase a skillcape, level 99 in its corresponding skill is required. To purchase the Max Skillcape (item).svg Max Skillcape level 99 in all skills is required. To purchase the Cape of Completion (item).svg Cape of Completion, the player must reach 100% Completion Log progress.




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