Return of the Gods Event 2020

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A Tale of the Past, a future's prophecy

Starting on March 12, 2020, the first in a series of eight images was posted to Reddit and to Discord (in plain text) by the developer. Originally the majority of the text was missing, however more was revealed with each new post, until on April 21, 2020, the final completed version was shared. The scroll text and God lore released was a part of the Alpha v0.15 Return of the Gods patch, which introduced four new end game dungeons, the bosses of which were the four Gods featured below.

Long ago when the world was young there were 4 Gods. Each tasked to do their part in shaping the world. Working together with each other they sought to maintain the balance the world needed. As time went on, so did the complexity in their positions grew. Small quarrels turned to arguments, arguments turned to hate and not too soon after war was on the horizon. And so they went their separate ways.
With hostility growing between the Gods so did their ignorance towards the rest not wanting to partake in the war. Malcs, the leader of the lesser dragons at that time begins devising a plan. While not as strong as the Gods they knew something had to be done.
Recognizing that they could not defeat them they could instead seal them. Willingly they would sacrifice themselves in the process of creating a powerful seal under their leader. But it took a huge toll. Almost all perish in the end to complete the seal, but it works, with Malcs now a saviour in the eyes of others. Knowing that if he were defeated it would mean the end. And so he leaves in grief, exiling himself for an eternity.
In the long centuries that pass so does the creep of age affect Malcs, a long time has passed. One day adventurers unknowingly discover his location. Not knowing who he was, Malcs was treated like another trophy to get, and so he was targeted. Countless adventurers from all over took up this opportunity and so he fought, for years...until he no longer could. The seals break and in doing so 4 beacons of light strike up towards the sky with a vicious roar: Radiant Silver, Soft Blue, Mossy Green and Burning Red.
Rumors of mysterious colossal dungeons appearing at the origins of these light start to spread. The Gods prepare for their return. With you at the centre of this now, what will you do?

Aeris - The Air God, April 22, 2020.

Radiant Silver, wings of bountiful colors. Aeris is known as the Loving God. Given the power of flight she travelled the world radiating her love and beauty towards all the populace of Melvor. In the eyes of the people she was a beacon of hope and a symbol of peace in which the gods upheld. When trouble arose she would always be there as if a guardian was always watching over. During the early times she would often meet with the other gods to discuss the role she would play, however she considered only one a good friend. Over the many years that had passed her tireless effort had left her exhausted. "It's always the same." she cried. With all her effort she truly believed she was doing good. But the world is cruel and ever changing. Was she really ever needed? she thought. Upset and no longer wanting to feel this way she decides to exact the opposite of what she stood for. And so in the end the once loving god of Melvor becomes the recluse. Leaving the people to fend for themselves. "I wonder, what does all this power amount to when its no longer there, what do the people do when the hero leaves?"

Glacia - The Water God, April 25, 2020.

Soft Blue, a cold heart. Glacia is known as the Helping God. While managing the oceans and seas she would guide lost voyagers who had gone astray to safety. The explorers of Melvor called her the Ocean's Spirit, for when she was happy the oceans were calm and when she was not the waves echoed it. The role she played was not something she wanted to do, but she knew it was her duty to maintain. Her true dream was to be free above the clouds like Aeris. Being tied to the oceans it was the only thing that was ever on her mind. However the burden of not being able to lied deep within her heart. Despite knowing she was shackled she would still try time and time again but fail. To always see Aeris soar away after their meeting was enough to break her. And as time went by her growing bitterness towards her role eventually escalated to hatred when Aeris decided she would no longer fulfil her role anymore. Having clung to this dream for so long and seeing someone squander it was outrageous to her. And so they argued and argued for even longer until only what was left was nothing but pain behind her eyes. And after all these years it had already consumed her inner self. "Do you pity those who use their power for everyone else knowing they can never help themselves? they are the ones who tread the line between a blessing and curse."

Terran - The Earth God, April 29, 2020.

Mossy Green, careless wisdom. Terran is known as the Entrusted god. The Earth God was the first before the others. With his power he transformed most of the worlds landmass to how it is seen today. All but one of the other gods respected him as their elder, knowing full well he would be the most knowledgeable. And so being unrestricted he was allowed to do whatever he wanted. The early inhabitants of Melvor saw him as the greatest of all which gave him all the support he needed to further continue his work. Terran would also organize the meetings of gods and instruct them of the role they should be upholding. But since the other gods never questioned him his ignorance towards everyone grew in parallel with his arrogance. As time went by to him there were no more boundaries, which in turn led to the anger of the other gods. But it had been so long, he did so much so what was different for him now? And so in his mind he was so sure he was betrayed when he was confined to a place where he no longer had any influence. "Solitary, confined to my own darkness. The whispers of a thousand cries brush over me like the wind. Is this true torture? Maybe not. This is the beginning of a new true king."

Ragnar - The Fire God, May 4, 2020.

Burning Red, a demonic ego. Ragnar is known as the Chaotic god. The Fire God was the youngest of all the gods. With the power of fire he stood above the rest in terms of strength and he knew. His fierce rivalries with the other gods and his lack of emotion towards everyone else was troublesome. Knowing this the other gods shunned him and for the benefit of all living creatures he was restrained to a lesser influence by Terran. Ragnar was treated like an outcast and for a god to be shackled to this kind of level was demeaning. Ragnar despised Terran but he also knew he was not yet strong enough to take on all three of them and so he decides to start scheming in the background. Through his subordinates he would start to spread rumors which led to hate and violence amongst the people. His targeted actions were ruthless and lingered for years. Knowing full well who would eventually be blamed for this, Terran. And so with the growing hostilities between the gods and the inevitability of war on the horizon the restraints that once held him back turned feeble. The others will remember why he was known as the strongest. "Patience is the key to everything, the weak seek to find their opportunity while the strong know when it is their time again."
  • A Tale of the Past, a future's prophecy
  • Aeris - The Air God
  • Glacia - The Water God
  • Terran - The Earth God
  • Ragnar - The Fire God