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This page is out of date (v1.0.4).

Difference between Free and Premium versions

The free version of Melvor Idle is a demo with limited skills, enemies, and game modes. Premium is a one-time unlock, there is no ongoing membership.

Version Skills Enemies Dungeons Max skill level Game modes
Free 11 75 10 99 Standard
Premium 23 163 17 99 Standard, Adventure, Hardcore

Where to purchase Premium

Where you can use Premium after purchasing

If you purchase the game on mobile, you will not receive a Steam key to play on Steam. If you purchase on Steam, you can play your premium account on mobile. By signing in to your cloud account, you can play the same account across different platforms.

Platform Steam Mobile Browser
Purchase on Steam Yes Yes Yes
Purchase on Mobile No Yes Yes

Future expansions

Malcs has announced Expansion 1 for Melvor, which has a paid component. You can read more here.

The expansion will have new features, a new skill, QoL features, and a mod manager that are all included with Premium. It will also have a paid component which unlocks skill levels up to 120 with new items, monsters and dungeons.