Perilous Peaks

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Perilous Peaks
Perilous Peaks
Slayer Area ID: melvorF:Perilous_Peaks
Difficulty: Master

Slayer Level 85
Climbing Boots Equipped

Area Effect:

-60% Evasion Ratings.


Wicked Greater Dragon
Hunting Greater Dragon
Chaotic Greater Dragon

Perilous Peaks is a Slayer Area requiring Slayer Level 85 and Climbing Boots to access.

Each monster killed in Perilous Peaks has a 1/7,500 (0.013%) chance to unlock Peri.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Wicked Greater Dragon 386 6,500 120 Magic
Hunting Greater Dragon 416 6,800 650 Ranged
Chaotic Greater Dragon 447 7,100 650 Melee