Offline Progression

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Template:V0.13 Offline progression allows your game to progress while closed. If the game is closed while performing an action eg. mining Copper Ore, upon returning the game will calculate how long you were gone for and provide you with the XP, Items, Mastery XP, and other various things that you would have received if the game was left running. When you open the game again a popup menu will provide a summary of what you earned while away. The skill that was being used will then continue progressing as normal.

Important Information

  • Offline Progression time is currently capped at 12 hours.
  • All combat skills do not work offline. These are currently online only skills.
  • For Cooking to work Offline, you are required to own at least the first Cooking Fire Upgrade from the Shop.
  • For Thieving to work Offline, the NPC you are Thieving requires a minimum 95% success rate. Thieving Gloves count towards the 95%, however if they run out and the % drops below 95, thieving will stop.
  • All gloves & skillcapes work Offline (only if you have them equipped in your active equipment set).
  • Most Herblore potions work offline (If you have Auto Re-use Potion active). The potions that do not work will say so in their description. Currently, the potions that do not work are all Combat Potions, Fisherman's Potion, Controlled Heat Potion, and Perfect Swing Potion.
  • Mastery Experience will be credited when you re-open your game. If you started at level 1 mastery, your mastery levels will still raise, however you won't receive the benefits of the new levels until the game is reopened and the new levels are applied.
  • You can receive Mastery Tokens offline.
  • Offline progression will also trigger if you leave the game open in a separate tab and it becomes slowed by browser throttling.
  • Farming will not have seeds replanted while offline.