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Unlock the ability to cut 2 different trees in Woodcutting. Logs, Skill XP and Mastery XP granted based on highest interval.
Type: Upgrade
Cost: 1,000,000GP
Requirements: None

Multi-Tree is an upgrade for Woodcutting that can be purchased from the Shop for 1,000,000GP. The upgrade allows the player to cut two trees simultaneously, providing logs from each tree and additional XP.

When cutting multiple trees the number of actions performed by the player does not change, instead the action time becomes that of the selected tree with the longest action time. The number of logs gained from the tree with the shortest action time is multiplied by [math]\displaystyle{ M_{Action} = \frac{\text{Longest Action Time}}{\text{Shortest Action Time}} }[/math], where this multiplier is applied after any chance to double and chance for additional resources (such as that given by Ent) is applied. The amount of logs gained is always rounded down to the nearest whole number. Skill and Mastery XP gained is not rounded - the full amount for the longest action time is granted to the player.

Both the chance to double logs and chance to gain 1 additional log are rolled independently for each tree being cut.

This upgrade does not increase the chance of acquiring rare items such as Signet Ring Half (a), Circlet of Rhaelyx, or Mastery Tokens, as the number of actions performed remains unchanged.

Log Quantity

The quantity of logs obtained from any one of the trees being cut is defined as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ \Big\lfloor \left ( \text{Logs}_{Base} \times M_{DoubleChance} \times M_{DoubleGuaranteed} + \text{Logs}_{Additional} \right ) \times M_{Action} \Big\rfloor }[/math]


  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Logs}_{Base} }[/math] is the base quantity of logs, which is 1 for all trees unless the 20% chance for the Ent + Salamander Synergy succeeds, in which case the base quantity becomes 2
  • [math]\displaystyle{ M_{DoubleChance} }[/math] is 2 if the roll for the chance to double logs succeeds, or 1 otherwise
  • [math]\displaystyle{ M_{DoubleGuaranteed} }[/math] is 2 if the Crown of Madremonte is equipped, or 1 otherwise
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Logs}_{Additional} }[/math] is 1 if the roll for the chance of an additional resource (provided by things such as Ent) succeeds, or 0 otherwise
  • [math]\displaystyle{ M_{Action} }[/math] is as defined above


Consider the scenario where the player is simultaneously cutting Oak trees with an action time of 1.1 seconds and Yew trees with an action time of 4 seconds, then for every action:

  • The number of Yew Logs obtained will be between 1 and 3
  • If both the chance to double and chance for additional resource rolls succeed, then up to 10 Oak Logs may be gained. Using the formula above, this is calculated as [math]\displaystyle{ \Big\lfloor \left ( 1 \times 2 \times 1 + 1 \right ) \times \frac{4}{1.1} \Big\rfloor = \left \lfloor 10.\overline{90} \right \rfloor = 10 }[/math]
  • The amount of skill XP gained (before any bonuses) from the Oak tree would then be [math]\displaystyle{ 15 \times \frac{4}{1.1} = 54.\overline{54} }[/math]


Until V0.20, cutting multiple trees with the Multi-Tree upgrade would result in an increased number of actions - With some of the faster trees selected, the number of actions performed over time far exceeded what was possible in other skills. As a result, Woodcutting was generally the preferred method of acquiring rare items such as Signet Ring Half (a) and Circlet of Rhaelyx. The implementation of this upgrade was then changed in V0.20 to resolve the various balance issues this previous implementation had introduced.