Money Making/Agility

From Melvor Idle
Changelog.svg This strategy was calculated for v1.0.2 and may have changed in newer updates.

Max Coins.svg 4,978k/hr


  • Agility Level 99
  • Astrology Level 70
  • Thieving Level 60
  • Herblore Level 62
  • Farming Level 60
  • Mining Level 60
  • Slayer Level 60
  • Woodcutting Level 80
  • Firemaking Level 80
  • Attack Level 95
  • Strength Level 95
  • Defence Level 95
  • Prayer Level 95

Improves GP Rate

Name Description
Level 90 Mastery.svg in every used Obstacle -27% Agility Interval
Agility (skill).svg Mountain Climb -12% Agility Interval
+15% GP From Agility
Agility (skill).svg Tree Balance -12% Agility Interval
Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring +100% GP while training Agility
Sneak-Ers (item).png Sneak-Ers +5% global GP
Jeweled Necklace (item).png Jeweled Necklace +5% global GP
Fine Coinpurse (item).png Fine Coinpurse +10% global GP
Agility Skillcape (item).svg Agility Skillcape +10% GP from Agility
Sam (pet).svg Sam +15% GP from Agility
Agility (skill).svg Agility 25% Checkpoint +10% GP from Agility
Performance Enhancing Potion IV (item).svg Performance Enhancing Potion IV -8% Agility Interval (requires Herblore Level 62)
Ko (constellation).svg Ko up to +15% GP from Agility


Using the obstacles listed above and all available boosts we get a max of 59% Agility Interval Reduction and +195% GP.

Total duration of this course is 79s, which is reduced by 59% to 32.39s.

Total GP of this course is Coins.svg 15,187, which is increased by 195% to Coins.svg 44,802.

Thats Coins.svg 1,383.2 per second or Coins.svg 4,979,498 per hour.