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There are many different ways to make money in Melvor Idle, below are some methods that provide the highest rates of gp gain.

Smithing Dragon Platebodies Max (2117k/hr)


Improves GP Rate


  1. Gather Dragonite Ore, Runite Ore and Coal Ore in a 1:2:6 ratio. This should be done wearing the Mining Skillcape. Depending on Mastery Levels and whether or not Diamond Luck Potions are being made, either Gem Gloves or Mining Gloves should be worn.
  2. Make Dragonite Bars while wearing the Smithing Skillcape.
  3. Make Dragon Platebodies
  4. Make the diamonds into Diamond Luck Potions with the Herblore Skillcape if possible.
  5. Sell the Gems, Diamond Luck Potions and Dragon Platebodies for profit

GP Rates with different Equipment and Mastery

The mastery in the tables below assume that every item has that mastery level. Note that the time to gather the ingredients for and make Perfect Swing Potions has not been included in the calculation due to it being negligible. It is also assumed that the Barrentoe Herbs for creating Diamond Luck Potions is grown concurrently during the money making method, and do not add additional time.

Gloves Mining Gem Mining Gem Gem Gem Gem
Signet Ring No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Make Diamond Luck No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Perfect Swing No No No No No No Tier 4
Mastery GP Per Hour
1 35,053 92,850 61,748 109,548 143,643 168,705 470,490
10 99,836 203,815 157,843 240,733 303,798 355,771 700,881
20 185,162 308,001 272,655 364,947 450,083 526,414 853,812
30 277,900 404,524 393,769 481,140 572,598 670,720 979,278
40 405,089 513,805 553,085 614,290 718,743 842,954 1,137,911
50 526,119 617,919 705,407 741,425 839,503 987,252 1,270,966
60 717,626 767,405 938,896 924,779 992,359 1,172,130 1,442,452
70 874,577 894,775 1,132,811 1,080,840 1,156,265 1,366,490 1,637,861
80 1,165,196 1,122,613 1,480,715 1,358,751 1,375,280 1,631,844 1,895,516
90 1,368,183 1,286,852 1,727,857 1,559,149 1,545,851 1,837,532 2,099,939
99 1,382,560 1,306,346 1,744,793 1,581,345 1,577,716 1,872,574 2,117,292

Calculating the GP Rate

The gp rate, [math] R_{gp} [/math] was calculated by finding the profit, [math] P [/math] from performing 1 platebody smithing action, and dividing by the total time, [math] T_{tot} [/math], required to perform that action. Note that this is the per second rate, and must be multiplied by 3600 to obtain the hourly rate.

[math] R_{gp} = \frac {P}{T_{tot}} [/math]

The total time can be found by combining the time from mining ores([math]T_{mine}[/math]), smelting bars ([math]T_{smelt}[/math]), smithing the bars into platebodies ([math]T_{smith}[/math]), and making diamond luck potions ([math]T_{luck}[/math]).

[math] T_{tot} = T_{smith} + T_{smelt} + T_{mine} + T_{luck} [/math]

Smithing Time

The smithing time is simply the time it takes to complete one smithing action. [math] T_{smith} = 2s [/math].

Smelting Time

First, the number of smelting actions required, [math] N_{smelt} [/math] is calculated by dividing the average number of ingredients to perform one platebody action, [math] I_{smith} [/math], by the average quantity of bars produced by one smelting action, [math] Q_{smelt} [/math].

[math] N_{smelt} = \frac {5I_{smith}} {Q_{smelt}} [/math]

This is then multiplied by the time it takes to smelt an item, which gives:

[math] T_{smelt} = \frac {10I_{smith}}{Q_{smelt}} \text{s} [/math]

The average ingredient cost is dependent on the Mastery level of dragon platebodies,[math] M_{smith} [/math] ,and is reduced by 0.1 for every 20 mastery levels.

[math] I_{smith} = 1 - 0.1 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{smith}}{20} \right \rfloor [/math]

The average quantity of bars is dependent on the Mastery level of dragon bars, [math] M_{smelt} [/math], and is increased by 0.1 for every 20 mastery levels above -10. The signet ring multiplies this amount by 1.1.

[math] Q_{smelt} = \begin{cases} 1 + 0.1 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{smelt}+10}{20} \right \rfloor & \text {if signet is not equipped} \\ 1.1 \left ( 1 + 0.1 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{smelt}+10}{20} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is equipped} \end{cases} [/math]

Mining Time

First, the amount of dragonite ore ([math] O_{do} [/math]), runite ore ([math] O_{ro} [/math]), and coal ore ([math] O_{co} [/math]), are calculated by multiplying the number of smelting actions, [math] N_{smelt} [/math] by the ingredient cost to perform one smelting action, [math] I_{smelt}[/math] and the number quantity of the ore in the recipe.

[math] O_{do} = N_{smelt}I_{smelt} [/math]

[math] O_{ro} = 2N_{smelt}I_{smelt} [/math]

[math] O_{co} = 6N_{smelt}I_{smelt} [/math]

The average ingredient cost to perform one smelting action depends on the Mastery level of dragon bars, [math] M_{smelt} [/math], and is reduced by 0.1 for every 20 mastery levels.

[math] I_{smelt} = 1 - 0.1 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{smelt}}{20} \right \rfloor [/math]

Next, the number of mining actions for each ore is calculated. For dragonite, [math]N_{do}[/math] ,and runite, [math]N_{ro}[/math] ,this is calculated as:

[math] N_{do} = \frac {O_{do}}{Q_{do}} [/math]

[math] N_{ro} = \frac {O_{ro}}{Q_{ro}} [/math]

Where [math] Q_{do} [/math] and [math] Q_{ro} [/math] are the average quantity of ore produced per mining action for dragonite and runite respectively. These are dependent on the mastery of the ores,[math] M_{do}, M_{ro} [/math] ,which gives a 0.01 increase in the average quantity per 10 mastery levels, the ore bonus from the pickaxe used,[math] P_{ob} [/math], (0.07 for dragon), and if the signet ring is worn or not.

[math] Q_{do} = \begin{cases} 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{do}}{10} \right \rfloor & \text {if signet is not equipped} \\ 2\left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{do}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is not equipped and mining gloves equipped} \\ 1.1 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{do}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is equipped} \\ 2.2 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{do}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet and mining gloves are equipped} \end{cases} [/math] [math] Q_{ro} = \begin{cases} 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{ro}}{10} \right \rfloor & \text {if signet is not equipped} \\ 2\left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{ro}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is not equipped and mining gloves equipped} \\ 1.1 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{ro}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is equipped} \\ 2.2 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{ro}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet and mining gloves are equipped} \end{cases} [/math]

For coal ore the number of mining actions, [math] N_{co} [/math] , is reduced due to the coal generated from the mining skillcape while mining dragonite and runite ores. It is given by:

[math] N_{co} = \frac {O_{co} - N_{do} - N_{ro}}{Q_{co}} [/math]

Additionally, the quantity of ore per mining action is increased by one: [math] Q_{co} = \begin{cases} 2 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{co}}{10} \right \rfloor & \text {if signet is not equipped} \\ 1 + 2 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{co}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is not equipped and mining gloves equipped} \\ 1 + 1.1 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{co}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is equipped} \\ 1 + 2.2 \left ( 1 + P_{ob} + 0.01 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{co}}{10} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet and mining gloves are equipped} \end{cases} [/math]

Finally the average time to perform a mining action is calculated. This is dependent on the respawn time of the ore, R_{o}, the effective ore health, H_o, and the pickaxe bonus speed (0.5 for dragon), [math] P_{bs} [/math].

[math] T_o = \frac {3(1-P_{bs})H_o+R_o}{H_o} [/math]

The respawn times for dragonite, runite and coal ore are 120s, 60s and 10s respectively.

The effective ore health is dependent on the mastery of the ore, [math] M_o [/math] and the probability to not consume health provided by perfect swing potions, [math] P_{ps} [/math].

[math] H_o = \frac {\left \lfloor M_o+5 \right \rfloor}{1-P_{ps}} [/math]

Finally, to obtain the total time spent mining the sum of mining actions multiplied by time per mining actions is calculated:

[math] T_{mine} = T_{do}N_{do} + T_{ro}N_{ro} + T_{co}N_{co} [/math]

Diamond Luck Time

The time to make diamond luck potions, [math] T_{luck} [/math] is dependent the number of diamonds mined, [math] Q_{diam} [/math], and the average number of diamonds required to craft a potion [math] I_{luck}[/math] as follows:

[math] T_{luck} = \frac {2Q_{diam}}{I_{luck}} \text{s}[/math]

The quantity of diamonds mined depends on the number of mining actions performed and if gem gloves are worn. First we define the average number of gems mined as:

[math] Q_{gem} = \begin{cases} 0.01 \left ( N_{do} + N_{ro} + N_{co} \right ) & \text {gem gloves are not equipped} \\ N_{do} + N_{ro} + N_{co} & \text {gem gloves are equipped} \end{cases} [/math]

Then the average number of diamonds follows as:

[math] Q_{diam} = 0.05Q_{gem}[/math]

The average number of diamonds to craft a potion depends on the mastery, [math] M_{luck} [/math] and is given by:

[math] I_{luck} = 1 - 0.0025M_{luck}+0.002 [/math]

Calculating Profit

To calculate the profit per platebody the average value of a gem, [math] V_{gem} [/math] must first be calculated. Without making diamond luck potions, this is simply the sum of the gems sell price, [math] S_i [/math] multiplied by their probabilities, [math] P_i [/math] (these can be found on the Mining page).

[math] V_{gem} = \sum S_iP_i [/math]

This results in a value of 381.25 gp per gem.

When making diamond luck potions the sell price of a diamond is replaced by the sale price of the potions, [math] S_{luck} [/math], multiplied by the quantity made:

[math] S_{diam} = \begin{cases} \frac {2S_{luck}}{I_{luck}} & \text {if signet is not equipped} \\ \frac {2.2S_{luck}}{I_{luck}} & \text {if signet is equipped} \end{cases} [/math]

The profit is then calculated by adding the value of items made and subtracting the cost of gem/mining gloves:

[math] P = 3450Q_{smith}+V_{gem}Q_{gem} - (N_{do} + N_{ro} + N_{co})C_g [/math]

Where [math] C_g [/math] is the cost per glove charge. Gem gloves are 250 gp per charge, while mining gloves are 150 gp per charge.

[math] Q_{smith} [/math] is the average number of platebodies made per smithing action and is dependent on platebody mastery, [math] M_{smith} [/math], as per:

[math] Q_{smith} = \begin{cases} 1 + 0.1 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{smith}+10}{20} \right \rfloor & \text {if signet is not equipped} \\ 1.1 \left ( 1 + 0.1 \left \lfloor \frac {M_{smith}+10}{20} \right \rfloor \right ) & \text {if signet is equipped} \end{cases} [/math]

Fishing for Whales (Max 1140k/hr)




Equip Fishing gear and fish for Whales. All the equipment isn't entirely necessary, however each piece will give a substantial boost to profit per hour. 65 Whale Mastery is the most important level milestone, which will remove the junk catch chance. Fishing is one of the most profitable money making methods.

Fletching Magic Longbows (Max 975k/hr)




By utilizing the output doubling of the Fletching Skillcape, the value of magic logs can be more than quadrupled; it is doubled once making unstrung bows, and another time making strung bows. Profits can be further increased by using Skilled Fletching Potion IV and Aorpheats Signet Ring. For the purpose of calculating the maximum GP per hour, 99 mastery level will be assumed. The entire process is as follows:

  1. Cut yew logs and magic logs simultaneously while wearing the Woodcutting Skillcape. The yew logs should be sold.
  2. Fletch the magic logs into Magic Longbow (u) while wearing the Fletching Skillcape.
  3. Purchase bowstrings from the Shop and fletch the unstrung bows into Magic Longbow.
  4. Sell the longbows for profit.

Without using Aorpheats Signet Ring and Skilled Fletching Potion IV profits are around 624k/hr, however using the ring and potion increases profits by 351k/hr.

Mining with Gem Gloves (Max 496k/hr Idle)



Improves GP Rate

  • The Mining Skillcape provides additional coal to sell
  • Higher tier Pickaxes increase the rate that ore is mined
  • Higher Mastery levels for an ore allow it to be mined more before it needs to respawn
  • Adamantite Ore provides the highest idle gp rates when all ores and gems are sold
  • Actively switching to the highest tier ore yields higher gp rates


This method relies on Gem Gloves increasing the gem chance to 100% when mining (excluding Rune Essence). The average value of a Gem is 381.25 gp, while a single charge of the Gem Gloves costs only 250 gp. Thus an additional 131.25gp of profit is earned per mining action. It is recommended to use this method while gathering the large quantities of ore required to train the Smithing skill.

Chopping Magic Logs (Max 444k/hr)



Improves Gp Rate

  • Higher tier axes increase the rate that trees are chopped
  • The Multi-Tree upgrade allows the player to also cut Yew Logs for additional profit
  • The Woodcutting Skillcape doubles the rate that trees are chopped
  • Higher levels of log Mastery increase the chance to receive double the amount of logs


Simply cut down Magic Logs and Yew Logs (if the Multi-Tree upgrade has been purchased) and sell the logs for profit.

Mining Dragon Ore (Max 162k/hr)

Template:Strategy0.14 Mining Dragonite Ore is one of the lowest entry level money making strategies. It requires 95 mining and 270 total mastery in mining. The rate at which gp is earned is dependent on the pickaxe level owned, as well as the dragon ore mastery level. This is because the pickaxe increases mining speed and the mastery level determines the amount of ore that can extract from a rock before it has to regenerate. Mining Gloves are not used, because they cost more than the gp earned by using them.

Mastery Rock HP gp/hr
1 6 19,440
2 7 22,680
5 10 31,200
10 15 45,000
25 30 75,600
50 55 112,200
99 104 162,240


Combat can yield some of the highest gp rates in the game, but may require active work or outside automation to prevent the player from dying. Due to the complexity of combat exact rates are difficult to determine, but some of the highest gp rate targets are as follows: Volcanic Cave, Master Farmers, Black Dragons.