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This page is up to date (v0.18.2).

Mastery Tokens give 0.1% of the maximum mastery pool exp to mastery pool of the corresponding skill when they are claimed. Mastery Tokens are earned randomly while skilling in a non-combat skill. The drop chance for mastery tokens is 1 in [math]\left ( \frac{20\,000}{\text{Milestones unlocked for skill}} \right )[/math]. Each thing you unlock by leveling the skill counts as a milestone e.g. smithing steel platelegs is unlocked at level 40 and counts as one milestone, additionally reaching level 99 in a skill counts as one milestone). Wearing Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg Clue Chasers Insignia increases the drop chance by changing it to 1 in [math]\left ( \frac{20\,000}{\text{Milestones unlocked for skill}} \times 0.9 \right )[/math].

Mastery Token Chance at level 99

Token Skill Approximate Mastery Token Chance
Without Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg With Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg
Mastery Token (Smithing) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Smithing 1/172 1/155
Mastery Token (Runecrafting) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Runecrafting 1/235 1/212
Mastery Token (Fletching) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Fletching 1/351 1/316
Mastery Token (Crafting) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Crafting 1/408 1/367
Mastery Token (Herblore) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Herblore 1/800 1/720
Mastery Token (Fishing) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Fishing 1/833 1/750
Mastery Token (Farming) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Farming 1/870 1/783
Mastery Token (Cooking) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Cooking 1/1176 1/1059
Mastery Token (Mining) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Mining 1/1667 1/1500
Mastery Token (Firemaking) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Firemaking 1/2000 1/1800
Mastery Token (Woodcutting) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Woodcutting 1/2000 1/1800
Mastery Token (Thieving) (item).svg
Mastery Token
Thieving 1/2222 1/2000

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