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Each skill action has a Mastery Level associated with it that gains experience each time that skill action is performed. The Mastery Levels earned give bonuses to that specific action. Each successful skill action earns 1 experience point towards that actions Mastery Level. For example, making an Iron Dagger (item).svg Iron Dagger with Smithing (skill).svg Smithing would earn 1 experience point towards Iron Dagger (item).svg Iron Dagger Mastery Level. When an action fails, like burning Food, catching junk while fishing, unsuccessfully pickpocketing, or when crops die, no mastery experience will be given. Lighting fires for Cooking (skill).svg Cooking and Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking will not give mastery experience and neither will planting, composting or destroying herbs, trees, and allotments.

Mastery experience for Fishing (skill).svg Fishing and Farming (skill).svg Farming functions differently to other skills. Fishing (skill).svg Fishing Mastery XP is based on the number of fish caught, at a rate of 1 Mastery XP per fish. For Farming (skill).svg Farming, Mastery XP is based on the amount of harvested resources (e.g. harvesting 26 carrots from 1 plot will yield 26 Mastery XP).

Mastery tokens can be claimed from the bank to earn a random mastery level for their corresponding skill.

Each skill page has information on what bonuses are associated with that skill.

Mastery Level Calculation

The mastery xp required, [math] X_n [/math], for a given level, [math] n [/math], can be calculated as follows:

[math]X_n = \begin{cases} 0 & n=1 \\ \left \lfloor \sum_{i=1}^{n-1}\frac{\left \lfloor i+300(2^{\frac{i}{7}}) \right \rfloor}{48} \right \rfloor + 1 & n\geq 2 \\ \end{cases}[/math]

where: [math] \left \lfloor x \right \rfloor [/math] is the floor function.

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