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Magic is used to cast damage dealing spells with a wand or staff equipped, provided the player has the required Runes in their Bank and the desired spell unlocked. Magic skill level increases Magic Accuracy Rating and Maximum Hit (0.5% per level) when using spells and Magic Evasion Rating when defending from spells. 0.4 Magic experience is earned per point of damage dealt to enemies while casting spells. This can be increased by 7% by equipping the Gold Emerald Ring. Raising Magic to level 99 will unlock the Magic Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Magic Skillcape allows the player to cast spells without using Air, Water, Earth, and Fire runes.


Staves can be upgraded from elemental runes. When equipped, staves remove the need to use Air, Water, Earth, or Fire runes, depending on the staff type. The Cloudburst Staff does not provide any runes.

Magic Level Staff Tier
1 Staff
30 Battlestaff
40 Mystic Staff
85 Cloudburst Staff


Magic Level Wand Tier
1 Basic
30 Powerful
60 Elite


Magic Level Robe Tier
1 Green
10 Blue
30 Red, Slayer (Strong)
50 Black
60 Slayer (Elite)
70 Ancient
85 Glacia God


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