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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).

This is a list of logs obtainable through the Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting skill, sorted by the Woodcutting level required to cut them.

Tree Logs Woodcutting (skill).svg Level XP Cut Time XP/s GP/s
Normal Tree (tree).svg Normal Tree Normal Logs (item).svg Normal Logs 1 10 3s 3.33 Coins.svg 0.33
Oak Tree (tree).svg Oak Tree Oak Logs (item).svg Oak Logs 10 15 4s 3.75 Coins.svg 1.25
Willow Tree (tree).svg Willow Tree Willow Logs (item).svg Willow Logs 25 22 5s 4.40 Coins.svg 2.00
Teak Tree (tree).svg Teak Tree Teak Logs (item).svg Teak Logs 35 30 6s 5.00 Coins.svg 3.33
Maple Tree (tree).svg Maple Tree Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Logs 45 40 8s 5.00 Coins.svg 4.38
Mahogany Tree (tree).svg Mahogany Tree Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Logs 55 60 10s 6.00 Coins.svg 5.00
Yew Tree (tree).svg Yew Tree Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Logs 60 80 12s 6.67 Coins.svg 6.25
Magic Tree (tree).svg Magic Tree Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Logs 75 100 20s 5.00 Coins.svg 20.00
Redwood Tree (tree).svg Redwood Tree Redwood Logs (item).svg Redwood Logs 90 180 15s 12.00 Coins.svg 1.67