Lifesteal heals the player for a portion of the damage they deal, it does not deal extra damage. When active, lifesteal will occur any time the player deals damage, where the amount healed is determined by the modifier's magnitude. For example, a +10% Lifesteal modifier will heal the player for 10% of any damage dealt.

This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

Lifesteal can be specific to damage types, such as Melee Lifesteal, Magic Lifesteal, Bleed Lifesteal, Burn Lifesteal, Poison Lifesteal, and Lifesteal if target is Cursed.

Lifesteal Weapons

A small number of weapons have Special Attacks which provide lifesteal regardless of whether any lifesteal modifiers are active or not.

Lifesteal provided by weapons and modifiers are additive with one another. For example: 20% lifesteal from   Ancient Sword combined with 10% from   Elder Crown would result in a total of 30% lifesteal.

Lifesteal Modifiers

Note that   Summoning synergies providing lifesteal are not currently included.

Global Lifesteal Modifiers

These lifesteal modifiers apply for all damage dealt by the player.

Damage-specific Lifesteal Modifiers

These lifesteal modifiers apply only for certain types of damage, as indicated by the modifier description.

Modifiers that affect Lifesteal

These modifiers affect lifesteal in ways other than the usual flat percentage increase