Item Alchemy

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This page is out of date (v1.0).

Item Alchemy is a family of Alt. Magic spells that allow the player to magically turn items into coins. There are three versions of the spell, with each version requiring a higher Magic level and more Runes to cast but providing a stronger effect.

Item Alchemy gives Magic experience. The same amount of experience is given no matter what type of item is alched – as with any spell, XP does not depend on the items involved.

Increased global GP bonuses can increase the amount of GP gained and apply multiplicatively with the item sell value stated by the spell. For example, casting Item Alchemy I while the Fine Coinpurse is equipped results in the player receiving [math]\displaystyle{ 40\% \times 110\% = 44\% }[/math] of the item's sell value.