Impending Darkness Event/Guide

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This guide is an edited version of the reddit post by Steelsauce#0251.


Similar to Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist, it's not just surviving with enough DR - you need to kill quickly before your affliction stacks up too high. At high enough stacks, some attacks can kill you even at full hp. Obviously you want to switch combat styles to your advantage for all non-boss mobs.

Agility and Astrology

Get a large amount of combat supplies and choose all the combat buffs you can from Agility and Astrology.

Example of bonuses
Agility upsides:
  • 3% melee max hit
  • 13% melee evasion
  • 5% accuracy for all styles
  • 40 HP
  • 8% damage to all monsters
  • 1% DR
  • 8% damage to slayer area monsters
  • 10% food healing value
  • 5% autoeat efficiency
  • 10% ranged and magic efficiency
  • 50 HP regen
  • 5% slayer area negation
  • 5% max hit added to min hit

Agility downsides:

  • +1 Prayer point cost

From Astrology, it's total of 20% accuracy rating, a bit of min hit, life steal, and damage bonus from equipment.

Auxiliary Gear

Diamond Luck Potion IV (item).svg Diamond Luck Potion IV is the main option, but you could try DR potions too.

For prayer on hard mobs, use Protect melee/range/magic along with battleheart or piety/rigour/augury. You only get affliction stacks when you get hit, so the protect prayers let you have more max HP for longer. On easy mobs, just use battleheart. No shame for using protect item but it will make it harder to clear.

Dragon summon is very useful for this dungeon.

Use perfect whales since you have to manually eat. Always use max cape, have one in each loadout.

Enemy Modifiers

Avoid modifiers that prolong the fight. This means no heal hp%, extra slayer area effect, or life steal. Avoid +DR, +Evasion, -attack interval and +affliction chance.

Always take immunity to slow, and immunity to stun (swap out fighter necklace). Don't be afraid of +x% max hit because almost all scary attacks are the enemy abilities that are not affected by this modifier.


In general, the unhallowed wasteland is more difficult than the boss Bane. Because of the slayer area effect, you absolutely want 100% slayer affect negation. For magic, use Fire Surge with the Surge II and Decay sometimes. Instead of Fire Surge, Incinerate might work, but it was not tested. The builds are as follows:

Item Slot
Slayer Helmet (Master) (item).svg Slayer Helmet (Master) Head
Fighter Amulet (item).svg Fighter Amulet Neck
Slayer Platebody (Master) (item).svg Slayer Platebody (Master) Body
Ragnar God Platelegs (item).svg Ragnar God Platelegs Legs
Ragnar God Boots (item).svg Ragnar God Boots Boots
Ragnar God Gloves (item).svg Ragnar God Gloves Gloves
Hunter's Ring (item).svg Hunter's Ring Ring
Tidal Edge (item).svg Tidal Edge Weapon
Recoil Shield (item).svg Recoil Shield Offhand
Maximum Skillcape (item).svg Maximum Skillcape Cape
Whetstone (item).png Whetstone Quiver
Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) (item).svg Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) Passive
Item Slot
Slayer Cowl (Master) (item).svg Slayer Cowl (Master) Head
Deadeye Amulet (item).svg Deadeye Amulet Neck
Slayer Leather Body (Master) (item).svg Slayer Leather Body (Master) Body
Aeris God Platelegs (item).svg Aeris God Platelegs Legs
Aeris God Boots (item).svg Aeris God Boots Boots
Aeris God Gloves (item).svg Aeris God Gloves Gloves
Hunter's Ring (item).svg Hunter's Ring Ring
Shockwave (item).svg Shockwave Weapon
Earth Layered Shield (item).svg Earth Layered Shield Offhand
Maximum Skillcape (item).svg Maximum Skillcape Cape
Jadestone Bolts (item).svg Jadestone Bolts Quiver
Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) (item).svg Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) Passive
Item Slot
Slayer Wizard Hat (Master) (item).svg Slayer Wizard Hat (Master) Head
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg FEZ Neck
Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) (item).svg Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) Body
Glacia God Platelegs (item).svg Glacia God Platelegs Legs
Glacia God Boots (item).svg Glacia God Boots Boots
Glacia God Gloves (item).svg Glacia God Gloves Gloves
Hunter's Ring (item).svg Hunter's Ring Ring
Ocean Song (item).svg Ocean Song Weapon
Earth Layered Shield (item).svg Earth Layered Shield Offhand
Maximum Skillcape (item).svg Maximum Skillcape Cape
Wizard's Scroll (item).png Wizard's Scroll Quiver
Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) (item).svg Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) Passive

Each build has mastery slayer gear in the passive slot, for a total of 9 pieces of master slayer gear. This is the only way to reach 100% slayer area negation, so the enemies don't heal. And when the enemies have 12-20k hp and keep stunning you, you really don't want them healing 20% of their hp every other turn.

Technically you can get away with only having 6 pieces of master slayer gear and switching out a piece from another set to your current passive slot. But you have to swap gear extremely quickly, because as soon as the monster spawns they start attacking you for 700-1180 damage. And the longer you fight the more your max HP falls. When a new mob pops up you need to switch your gear set and prayers quickly, while watching your hp and eating if it drops. Messing around in your bank makes it a lot harder. During the test runs, all four deaths were due to skeleton dragons and their -10% dmg reduction and the 750 dmg stun attack.

The Fight

Unhallowed wasteland is considered the hardest part. All four mobs can kill you quickly, and their max hit changes based on their moves.

Read their abilities carefully, kill them quickly before affliction stacks up. You have to always be ready to eat in an instant. May want to use protect item if you don't know their abilities well. Start in this zone so if you die you waste less time.

After clearing unhallowed wasteland, the rest of the mobs are fairly easy if you swap to what they are weak to. You can also use more non slayer equipment for more dps: melee, ranged, magic. The exception is Rokken that can easily kill you very quickly depending on your modifiers. Always use protect range, and if you get stunned, keep eating until he uses elusiveness and let the stun fall off. Save the Perilous peaks for last because it's the easiest area to fight the final boss.

Finally, Bane. He appears using a random combat style and you must use the same one. Use your dps setup without the slayer gear. Use protect melee/ranged/magic and one of the last four prayers. With the protect prayer, the perilous peaks effect is basically negated. He heals and applies affliction, so it's a race to out-dps him. He cannot be stunned or cursed. Each time you kill him you get a reward: melee shield, ranged shield, mage shield, ring. Use this gear for the rest of the event!

The most important thing is to keep your hp above 50% during its Suffocate move. The sleep really makes it tough to do enough damage. Otherwise, keep an eye on his max hit and eat if you drop below it, and be careful when he applies -30% DR. Don't eat when you don't have to or you won't deal enough damage. Overall, the Bane is not as hard as the wasteland.

After 5 rounds of slayer areas, you face the final boss, Bane, Instrument of Fear. Besides all the modifiers, Bane now has more HP, max hit and an OP attack he spams. Same strategy as before, but you probably want to spam-eat through its Overwhelming Power move. Kill him to earn a lore book, and a cute new pet. Congrats!