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== Monsters ==
== Monsters ==
Slayer areas may be completed in any order, with {{MonsterIcon|Bane}} appearing as the last enemy of each area. Once all four areas have been completed, {{MonsterIcon|Bane, Instrument of Fear}} will appear as the final enemy.
== Event Mechanics ==
== Event Mechanics ==

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Impending Darkness Event
Impending Darkness Event (dungeon).svg
Dungeon ID: 16
Difficulty: Insane
Attack (skill).svg Level 99
Strength (skill).svg Level 99
Defence (skill).svg Level 99
Hitpoints (skill).svg Level 99
Ranged (skill).svg Level 99
Magic (skill).svg Level 99
Prayer (skill).svg Level 99
Slayer (skill).svg Level 99
Woodcutting (skill).svg Level 99
Fishing (skill).svg Level 99
Firemaking (skill).svg Level 99
Cooking (skill).svg Level 99
Mining (skill).svg Level 99
Smithing (skill).svg Level 99
Thieving (skill).svg Level 99
Farming (skill).svg Level 99
Fletching (skill).svg Level 99
Crafting (skill).svg Level 99
Runecrafting (skill).svg Level 99
Herblore (skill).svg Level 99
Agility (skill).svg Level 99
Summoning (skill).svg Level 99
Astrology (skill).svg Level 99
Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist Completed
1 Bane (monster).svg Bane, Instrument of Fear
Bone (pet).png Bone
Pet Drop Chance:
Guaranteed after 1 clear

Impending Darkness Event is the final Dungeon in Melvor Idle.


Event Mechanics

Starting the event will lock combat content except for the event. You are able to train non-combat skills while in the event, when not in combat. The event's progress is saved. The only way to stop the event is dying or the Stop Event button.

This is a safe death for hardcore characters. Hardcore characters will have normal death penalties, except for the permanent deletion.

The event has 5 stages. At the beginning of each stage, you select a random modifier that applies to all monsters of the current stage and future stages. A random number of 5-8 monsters must be defeated per slayer area, with a harder, "Boss" version being the final monster per area. The final monster of the final slayer area cleared each stage will be Bane (monster).svg Bane. On the 5th and last stage, the final boss will be Bane (monster).svg Bane, Instrument of Fear.

Slayer Areas

The Slayer Areas Shrouded Badlands (combatArea).svg Shrouded Badlands, Perilous Peaks (combatArea).svg Perilous Peaks, Dark Waters (combatArea).svg Dark Waters, and Unhallowed Wasteland (combatArea).svg Unhallowed Wasteland must be cleared per stage of the event. The area effects of these slayer areas are applied as combat happens in the area.


Impending Darkness Event provides several rewards: