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== Monsters ==

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Impending Darkness Event
Impending Darkness Event (dungeon).svg
Dungeon ID: 16
Difficulty: Insane
Attack (skill).svg Level 99
Strength (skill).svg Level 99
Defence (skill).svg Level 99
Hitpoints (skill).svg Level 99
Ranged (skill).svg Level 99
Magic (skill).svg Level 99
Prayer (skill).svg Level 99
Slayer (skill).svg Level 99
Woodcutting (skill).svg Level 99
Fishing (skill).svg Level 99
Firemaking (skill).svg Level 99
Cooking (skill).svg Level 99
Mining (skill).svg Level 99
Smithing (skill).svg Level 99
Thieving (skill).svg Level 99
Farming (skill).svg Level 99
Fletching (skill).svg Level 99
Crafting (skill).svg Level 99
Runecrafting (skill).svg Level 99
Herblore (skill).svg Level 99
Agility (skill).svg Level 99
Summoning (skill).svg Level 99
Astrology (skill).svg Level 99
Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist Completed
1 Bane (monster).svg Bane, Instrument of Fear
Bone (pet).png Bone
Pet Drop Chance:
Guaranteed after 1 clear


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style Count
Bane (monster).svg Bane, Instrument of Fear 1,300 16,000 960 Question.svg Bane 1