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The Hitpoints skill determines the maximum amount of Hitpoints you can have. Your maximum Hitpoints are determined by your level multiplied by 10. Hitpoints experience can be earned by dealing damage to Monsters. 0.133 XP is awarded per point of damage done to a monster. This experience can be increased by 10% by equipping the Gold Emerald Ring.

Hitpoints are passively regenerated once every 10 seconds, with 1 hitpoint (hp) being gained per interval by default. This amount is increased by 1 for every 10 levels in hitpoints you have, and by an additional 10 hp if the Hitpoints Skillcape is equipped. Equipping the Gold Ruby Ring increases this amount by 10%. The Rapid Heal Prayer doubles the amount. Regeneration Potions provide a 3-12% chance to double the amount. These effects are multiplicative. Hitpoints may also be replenished by eating Food.

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