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This page is up to date (v0.15.4).

Herblore is used to make potions that grant bonuses to various skills and combat actions. A single potion has many charges and will not be consumed until all the charges are depleted. Potions must first be equipped for use, with each skill having its own potion slot, accessible by selecting the potion icon at the top right of the game screen. The automatic re-use of potions can be enabled through the Settings or potion menu. Raising Herblore to level 99 will unlock the Herblore Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Herblore Skillcape doubles potion production.

Making a potion normally takes 2 seconds. Purchasing the Expanded Knowledge god upgrade reduces this time by 20% to 1.6 seconds.

Mastery Unlocks

Each level of Herblore Mastery increases the chance to preserve resources by 0.25%. Raising the mastery level to 15, 40, and 65, will unlock Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV potions. Once a new potion tier has been unlocked, new potions brewed will automatically be made at that tier for no extra cost.

Combat Potions

Skill Potions

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