Havoc Rune

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Havoc Rune
Havoc Rune (item).svg
No Description
Item ID: 822
Category: Runecrafting
Type: Rune
Sells For: Coins.svg 1
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Elementalist (monster).svg
  • Runecrafting (skill).svg Level 50
Item Uses:

Item Sources


Item Creation
Requirements Runecrafting (skill).svg Level 50
Materials 1 Rune Essence (item).svg Rune Essence
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 20 XP
Base Creation Time 2s



Magic (skill).svg Magic

Spell Magic (skill).svg Level Type Description Runes
Blinding III (curse).svg Blinding III Magic (skill).svg Level 50 Curse (spellType).svg Curse Lower Enemy Accuracy by 15%
Lasts 3 Turns
Lasts 3 Turns
4 Mind Rune (item).svg, 2 Body Rune (item).svg, 2 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Soul Split III (curse).svg Soul Split III Magic (skill).svg Level 55 Curse (spellType).svg Curse Lower Enemy Magic Evasion Rating by 15%
Lasts 3 Turns
3 Mind Rune (item).svg, 3 Body Rune (item).svg, 2 Chaos Rune (item).svg, 1 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Weakening III (curse).svg Weakening III Magic (skill).svg Level 60 Curse (spellType).svg Curse Lowers Enemy max hit by 15% (Does not effect Special Attacks)
Lasts 3 Turns
3 Mind Rune (item).svg, 1 Body Rune (item).svg, 2 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Anguish III (curse).svg Anguish III Magic (skill).svg Level 70 Curse (spellType).svg Curse Enemy takes 15% more damage.
Lasts 3 Turns
4 Body Rune (item).svg, 3 Death Rune (item).svg, 2 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Decay (curse).svg Decay Magic (skill).svg Level 80 Curse (spellType).svg Curse Enemy takes damage when they successfully attack the Player equal to 2% of their Max HP (Once per Attack Turn.). They also lose a total of 10% Evasion Rating
Lasts 3 Turns
2 Havoc Rune (item).svg, 1 Death Rune (item).svg, 3 Blood Rune (item).svg
Gust (spell).svg Gust Magic (skill).svg Level 86
100 Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Clears
Ancient (spellType).svg Ancient Attack 4 times dealing 200 damage each. 10% chance to stun the enemy on hit. If your Accuracy Rating is higher than 20K then this attack cannot miss. 25 Air Rune (item).svg, 5 Ancient Rune (item).svg, 5 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Frostbite (spell).svg Frostbite Magic (skill).svg Level 90
100 Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Clears
Ancient (spellType).svg Ancient Attack once dealing 750 damage (Can miss). 30% chance to Freeze the enemy for 2 turns. If enemy is stunned/frozen, deal 1.3x damage. 25 Water Rune (item).svg, 6 Ancient Rune (item).svg, 6 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Quake (spell).svg Quake Magic (skill).svg Level 94
100 Earth God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Clears
Ancient (spellType).svg Ancient Attack 2 times dealing 540 damage each (Can miss). If hit, guaranteed to slow Enemy attack speed by 50% for 1 turns. 25 Earth Rune (item).svg, 7 Ancient Rune (item).svg, 7 Havoc Rune (item).svg
Incinerate (spell).svg Incinerate Magic (skill).svg Level 98
100 Fire God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Clears
Ancient (spellType).svg Ancient Attack 14 times dealing 63 damage each. If your Accuracy Rating is higher than 20K then this attack cannot miss. 30 Fire Rune (item).svg, 10 Ancient Rune (item).svg, 10 Havoc Rune (item).svg
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