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=Ancient (g) to God gear and beyond (everything maxed, current end game)=
=Ancient (g) to God gear and beyond (everything maxed, current end game)=
It's about time to get your best-statted amulet, the {{ItemIcon|Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs}}, or FEZ. You don't have to do it now, as it provides the same 2% DR as that of the {{ItemIcon|Elite Amulet of Defence}}, but the other offensive and defensive bonuses are not to be underestimated. Refer to the [[Fury_of_the_Elemental_Zodiacs/Guide|FEZ/Guide]] for getting all the materials to make it. The {{PetIcon|Leonardo}} pet is good to have by this point as well, as it's a free 1% DR. Another useful item to get around this time if you don't already have it is the {{ItemIcon|Sandstorm Ring}}, for its unavoidable special attack.

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This page is out of date (v0.19).

The major part of this guide is written by @Username#7620 and @mazunki [they/them]#3247 on the Discord community. If you got any questions, or anything is wrong make sure to shout out to either one of us. Feel free to edit the guide, or add stuff to it too.

Thanks to everyone in #hardcore-mode-chat for making this possible. :)


Food is vital to a HCCO account and your first food source (and one that you will be relying on for quite a while) is plants. Starting out, you should fight plants for the potatoes they drop and to increase your combat levels. Note about Attack (skill).svg ATK vs Strength (skill).svg STR vs Defence (skill).svg DEF: All three combat skills are very useful to level in their own ways. ATK increases your chance to hit and unlocks new weapons to use, STR increases your maximum hit, and DEF increases your chance to not get hit (which saves you food). In general, they should all be leveled equally. DEF should be your first combat skill that you level, as it greatly reduces the amount of damage that you will take from plants (roughly by half). ATK should be second and STR should be last (since you have a low chance to hit, it’s more important to level ATK rather than STR). Weapons in this game have different attack speeds depending on their type. Daggers attack quickly, with an attack speed of 2.2 seconds, and Battleaxes attack slowly, with an attack speed of 3.1 seconds, for instance. Weapons that attack more slowly also deal more damage per hit and weapons that hit quickly usually do less damage per hit.

There are different styles in the game, depending on the weapon you’re wielding. Melee weapons, which will be our main focus for the first part, have Stab, Slash and Block. Each style gets a bonus to the accuracy rating depending on the specific weapon. Swords usually have a better stabbing accuracy, while scimitars are better at slashing, for instance. The style you choose will also give you experience towards the combat skill in question: Stabbing gives Attack experience, Slashing gives Strength experience, while Blocking is used to train Defence. During the beginning of HCCO, you’ll have to eat manually to ensure that you won’t die. Later on, you’ll be able to automatically eat food so eating will be less of a worry.

Chapter 0: Your first gear

   Start: Naked
   End: 4 steel pieces

You should get to about 10 in all melee combat skills (usually expressed as 10/10/10) by fighting plants and then it’s time to start getting your first gear.

Chapter 0—I: Starting naked

After you have a decent stack of food, it’s time to get your first pieces of gear from the Golbin (monster).svg Golbin. You should have some levels in all skills (10/10/10 or so) and about a hundred Potatoes (item).svg potatoes or so. You’re looking for a Bronze Battleaxe (item).svg Bronze Battleaxe (1 in 27 chance) and a Bronze Shield (item).svg Bronze Shield (1 in 27 chance). If you get unlucky, don’t worry. Just kill plants for food until you’re able to get both. Plant (monster).svg Plants have very low HP, so having a faster weapon allows you to kill them faster, as you don’t need more than 20 damage to kill a plant. So, your next goal after your Bronze Battleaxe (item).svg Bronze Battleaxe is an Iron Dagger (item).svg Iron Dagger. You should have about 15/15/15 stats and a few hundred potatoes. The Iron Dagger (item).svg Iron Dagger has a 1/33 drop rate from the Goo Monster (monster).svg Goo Monster. Your next gear upgrades will come from Zombie Hand. You’re looking for the Iron Platebody (item).svg Iron Platebody (1 in 4 chance) and Iron Platelegs (item).svg Iron Platelegs (1 in 4 chance). Some people might go for the Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knight first, but since the Zombie Hand (monster).svg Zombie Hand has a better chance for gear, it’s recommended to do it first. You should have about 20/20/20 stats for this and, once again, a large stack of Potatoes (item).svg taters. After you kill the Zombie Hand (monster).svg Zombie Hand, you should then move on to the regular Zombie (monster).svg Zombie for the Steel Platebody (item).svg Steel Platebody (1 in 5 chance). It also drops Steel Boots (item).svg Steel Boots (1 in 5 chance), but you shouldn’t grind for them since Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knights are easier to get them from the Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knight. (20/20/20 stats recommended) You’ll end the first part of your HCCO journey with Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knights. They drop the Steel Helmet (item).svg Steel Helmet (15 in 67 chance), Steel Shield (item).svg Steel Shield (10 in 67 chance), Steel Sword (item).svg Steel Sword (10 in 67 chance), and Steel Scimitar (item).svg Steel Scimitar (4 in 67 chance). You should be using the Steel Sword (item).svg Steel Sword on ATK and DEF and the Steel Scimitar (item).svg Scimitar on STR when killing most monsters, but again, daggers should be used on plants due to the fast attack rate. The Mirror Shield (item).svg Mirror Shield is a useful item to get around here, but if you decide not to get it, you can avoid ever getting tasks in the Strange Cave (combatArea).svg Strange Cave

Chapter II: Mithril armor

   Start: 5x Steel Armour, 10/10/10,  Steel Scimitar
   End: Amulet of Looting, AE1, 5x Mithril Armor, 40/40/40, Ice Sword, Adamant Dagger

The next Knight after Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel is Black Knight (monster).svg Black, but should skip it, as the drop chances are very low, and the next tier is not much harder anyway.

But before you visit the Mithril Knight (monster).svg Mithril Knight you'll want to take a detour to fight the Mummy (monster).svg Mummy for Amulet of Strength (item).svg Amulet of Strength and Gold Emerald Ring (item).svg Gold Emerald Ring to fill out your neck and ring slots. Your next step, therefore, is Mithril Knight (monster).svg Mithril Knights. Because they only drop gear a quarter of the time when killed (on average), it can take quite a while to get a full Mithril Platebody (item).svg mithril set. You will probably get Mithril Boots (item).svg boots (25 in 268) and Mithril Helmet (item).svg helmets (15 in 268) quite often, and the eventual Mithril Platelegs (item).svg platelegs (5 in 268). The Mithril Platebody (item).svg platebody has quite a low drop-chance (1 in 568). This is quite the trend on these knights. Before getting the Mithril Platebody (item).svg platebody you will probably get both a Mithril Scimitar (item).svg scimitar (1 in 67) and a Mithril Shield (item).svg shield (5/134), too, so equip these once dropped, for a decent upgrade. You may equip the Mithril Sword (item).svg sword, too, but I’d stick with the Mithril Scimitar (item).svg Scimitar for now, to efficiently level up your Strength (skill).svg Strength skill before practically perma-equipping the Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword for a long while. The last thing to consider before moving on to the Ice Monster (monster).svg Ice Monster is to potentially getting an Amulet of Calculated Promotion (item).svg Amulet of Calculated Promotion from Leech (monster).svg Leech while your name is set to "witwix", however this is only a 1% chance, so you might instead want to put it off until later. As mentioned, you will want to get the Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword after getting full Mithril Platebody (item).svg Mithril armor, or even before getting the Mithril Platebody (item).svg platebody, as it is a really good upgrade at this point. It is practically a cold Rune Sword (item).svg Rune Sword, in stats, except it is slightly better defensively than offensively. The drop rate is 10% at the Ice Monster (monster).svg Ice Monster over at the Icy Hills (combatArea).svg Icy Hills. Huge. If you’re around level 30, you will use around 80 Potatoes (item).svg tarters per monster. Because of variance, you might get it on your first kill or your 20th, but don’t be discouraged. Also, the Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword is better at grinding Strength (skill).svg Strength than all weapons from a lower tier, meaning that the next best strength weapon after.

Now, before you go away from the computer, or to sleep, it’s time to upgrade your dagger. At the Purple Goo Monster (monster).svg Purple Goo Monster you can get a cheap Adamant Dagger (item).svg Adamant Dagger. Going from 429 to 444 Potatoes (item).svg Potatoes/hour? Good business.

Chapter II—A: Looting Amulet

The Amulet of Looting (item).svg Looting Amulet is a special amulet which automatically loots gear acquired from Combat Areas and Slayer Areas. You may get it from the Spider Chest (item).svg Spider Chest, with a 1/22 chance. Due to the nature of HCCO, you will spend a lot of potatoes in the early game (and beyond, too), so you might want to rush this item in order to ease the grind for food as soon as possible.

By using Mithril Platebody (item).svg Mithril Armor, and having around 40 melee stats, it will take you around 500 taters per run of the Spider Forest (dungeon).svg Spider Forest. Before you start running the dungeon, you should have a buffer of at least a thousand potatoes, just because RNG might be on your bad side.

It is quite possible to beat the zone without having any form of Auto Eat, and just make sure you time your manual eating right, since the damage of the spiders in the area is not too high.

Don’t do this, please

Otherwise, if you really don’t want to manual the dungeon, you should know the base max damage of the zone is 142, requiring 710 hp for AE1, 480 hp for AE2. This requires 6 million gold, which would require around 30 hours of active gameplay at Master Farmer, since you still don’t have auto looting. Bad idea.

Chapter II—B: Auto Eat 1

As soon as you have your hands on an Amulet of Looting, you can start to make money. A relevant point to make here, is that money making at this stage is a compromise between risk and reward. Consider the time it takes to farm up the food you need, and the time it takes to farm the gold you want.

Safe path

The safest way to make money, for now, is to kill Cow (monster).svg Cows, collecting their Leather (item).svg leather, and upgrading it into Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Leather through the shop. The selling price for Leather (item).svg Leather is 50 GP, while the selling price for Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Leather is 200 GP. By upgrading it, you effectively get 100 GP per piece of Leather (item).svg Leather.

Assuming you’ve got the Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword, the average gold yield per Cow (monster).svg cow is 203 GP.

This chapter ends when you’re 40/40/40. Use Adamant Dagger (item).svg Adamant Dagger for idling Plant (monster).svg plants, and Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword for tougher enemies.

Chapter III: Mithril to adamant (g) + rune boots (g) + rune gloves

   Start: Amulet of Looting, AE1, 5x Mithril Armor, 40/40/40, Ice Sword, Adamant Dagger
   End: 4x (G) Adamant Armor, 1x (G) Rune Boots, 1x Rune Gloves, 70/40/70

How does it feel to be able to get FREE FOOD overnight?

While your next target is necessarily Adamant Knight (monster).svg Adamant Knights, you should know that leveling attack and defense up to 50 from your 40 stats will effectively reduce your (raw, without AE efficiency loss) Potatoes (item).svg potato per knight count from 170 to 120. additionally, if you decided not to get the Amulet of Calculated Promotion (item).svg Amulet of Calculated Promotion previously, you should definitely get it now, since you'll have extremely low accuracy on the next two knights.

Important note: DO NOT IDLE KNIGHTS. Make sure to always have more Hitpoints (skill).svg HP than the max hit of the enemy, and try to eat food right after your attack timer ends, so you don’t reset an attack in progress. Eat until full HP, or at least until you have enough HP to survive any attack. The 2.6s interval of the Adamant Knight (monster).svg Adamant Knight is not really a danger provided you’re PAYING ATTENTION and have enough food.

Your Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword is great for leveling Attack (skill).svg Attack, and your Adamant Dagger (item).svg dagger is fine for leveling defense. You may do this at Statue (monster).svg Statue, in preparation to gear upgrades, and thus your first Damage Reduction points!!

Each Adamantite Bar (item).svg Adamant piece has a 1/48 chance of dropping, which, mind you, is much better than the drop chances of Rune Knight (monster).svg Rune Knight. Good luck on that! While you don’t really care about the Adamant Boots (item).svg Green Boots nor the Obsidian Cape (item).svg Obsidian Cape, you may as well equip them once you get them. It will be a while until you replace the Obsidian Cape (item).svg Cape for anything else, but there’s no point wasting Silver Bar (item).svg Silver/Gold Bar (item).svg Gold bars on the Adamant Boots (item).svg Boots. You will get Rune Boots (item).svg Rune Boots quickly anyway.

Upgrade the Equipment you get to (G) Adamant as soon as you get them, since each piece gives you 4% damage reduction.

Now, grind up enough Slayer Coins for the Desert Hat (item).svg Desert Hat, and 50 Slayer (skill).svg Slayer levels, so you can gain access to the Arid Plains (combatArea).svg Arid Plains. You may as well kill Master Farmer (monster).svg Master Farmers, for Gold Coins; or hit some Statue (monster).svg Statues for some Gold Bar (item).svg Gold and Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bars, which are both Easy Slayer Tasks, meaning they’re free to reroll.

Now, why would you want to unlock Arid Plains? Well, there’s a few reasons:

Also, you don’t even need to manual these two enemies! After getting these upgrades, you should keep on to your hat (literally!), because your next weapon upgrade comes from the Turkul Giant (monster).svg Turkul Giant at the same area. You could also sell the hat, and rebuy it a bit later. The Slayer Coin cost is not too huge. Farm up enough Gold to upgrade your Auto Eat to Tier II at Master Farmer. With Auto-Eat II you can idle Turkul Giant (monster).svg Turkul Giants, provided you have 23% dr and level Hitpoints (skill).svg 50 HP. With this, upgrade your weapon into the Dragon Scimitar (item).svg Dragon Scimitar or, even better, the Desert Sabre (item).svg Desert Sabre.

Farming at Master Farmer

The Master Farmer gives a total of 14 unique items. You want to prioritize your bank slots for the most rewarding items, taking the price and drop rate into account. This mainly comprises the Tree Seeds, requiring 5 slots. By reserving five slots for the Master Farmer grind, you get a total of 84% of the gold drops. That’s around 809 gp per kill.


Oak Tree Seeds (item).svg Oak Tree Seeds > Willow Tree Seeds (item).svg Willow Tree Seeds > Maple Tree Seeds (item).svg Maple Tree Seeds > Yew Tree Seeds (item).svg Yew Tree Seeds > Magic Tree Seeds (item).svg Magic Tree Seeds > Compost (item).svg Compost > Sweetcorn Seeds (item).svg Sweetcorn Seeds > Tomato Seeds (item).svg Tomato Seeds > Strawberry Seeds (item).svg Strawberry Seeds.

And it was done.

Chapter IV: Adamant to full rune (g)

   Start: 4x (G) Adamant Armour, 1x (G) Rune Boots, 1x Rune Gloves, 70/40/70
   End: 5x (G) Rune Armour, 1x Paladin Gloves, Elite Amulet of Strength. 70/80/80, Sunset Rapier / Ancient Claw, AE3

The first thing you should do in this part of the story is to upgrade your Amulet of Strength (item).svg Amulet of Strength into an Elite Amulet of Strength (item).svg Elite one, simply by farming more Mummy (monster).svg Mummies. On average you need to kill around a thousand of them. You may wait to get the Paladin Gloves (item).svg Paladin Gloves until after getting Rune Platebody (item).svg Rune Armor, or you may get it already. At this point you will use around 65 potatoes per Paladin (monster).svg Paladin kill, and the chance to get them is 1/171. Not too hard.

The next step is to farm the feared shiny Rune Knight (monster).svg Rune Knights, and upgrade your four armor pieces into (G) Rune Platebody (item).svg (G) Rune pieces, for a total of 29% damage reduction with the Paladin Gloves (item).svg Paladin Gloves. You will need a bunch of Gold Bar (item).svg Gold and Silver Bar (item).svg Silver pieces, farmed at Statue (monster).svg Statue. You may get Auto Eat III now, or after the 2nd loadout slot, and consider getting the 3rd and last loadout slot while at it too.

Assuming you already have 60 Slayer (skill).svg Slayer (and if you don't, then go get it; Giant Crab (monster).svg Giant Crab tasks are your friend here), the last thing to get before moving onto the next section is a better weapon. Deep Sea Ship (dungeon).svg Deep Sea Ship is your next stop for a Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier to speed up killing Pegasus (monster).svg Pegasus. You'll be killing around 3300 of them to get 100 Ancient Claw Fragment (item).svg Ancient Claw Fragment which can be upgraded into the Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw. This will be a great weapon until you upgrade it to the Infernal Claw (item).svg Infernal Claw, which is still well off. Don't bother getting any Dragon Claw Fragment (item).svg Dragon Claw Fragment from Griffin (monster).svg Griffin yet, as they will just take up space. If you're lucky enough to get an Ancient Sword (item).svg Ancient Sword before the Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier, then feel free to use it until you get to Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave, as it will drastically reduce your food consumption and the associated food farming time. After that, you'll probably only want to use it outside dungeons due to the high monster damage reducing the benefits of the lifesteal.

Chapter V: Rune (g) to ancient (g)

Ancient storyline

   Start: 5x (G) Rune Armour, 1x Paladin Gloves, Elite Amulet of Strength. 70/80/80, Sunset Rapier / Ancient Claw, AE3
   End: 4x (G) Ancient Armour, 1x Paladin Gloves, Elite Amulet of Defence, 90/99/90, Dragonfire Shield, Sandstorm Ring

Elite Amulet of Defence (item).svg Elite Amulet of Defence from upgrading Amulet of Defence (item).svg Amulets of Defence, which are dropped by Purple Goo Monster (monster).svg Purple Goo Monsters, and Silver Diamond Ring (item).svg Silver Diamond Ring, dropped by Mummy (monster).svg Mummies, are our best friends for now; the limiting factor for the remaining dungeons is how much DR you have access to.

Now that you've got full (G) Rune Platebody (item).svg Rune (G) and Paladin Gloves (item).svg Paladin Gloves for 32% DR, 88 hitpoints will allow you to idle Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave for your first useful cape, the Fire Cape (item).svg Fire Cape. At this point, you can expect to eat around 3000 Potatoes (item).svg Potatoes per kill without prayer.

You're probably noticing that Potatoes (item).svg potatoes just won't cut it for food anymore, so switching to Sweaty Monster (monster).svg Sweaty Monsters for Salmon (item).svg Salmon and Lobster (item).svg Lobster will reduce your overall time spent farming food. Expect to get food equivalent to 10.2 hp/kill in Salmon (item).svg Salmon, 6.25 hp/kill in Lobster (item).svg Lobster, and 2.3 hp/kill in Shark (item).svg Shark. Swapping food sources often means that saving all 3 types of fish might not be worth it for some players.

Hopefully you find the Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave comfortable, as the goal is to get the Ancient Platebody (item).svg Ancient Platebody, Ancient Platelegs (item).svg Ancient Platelegs, Ancient Helmet (item).svg Ancient Helmet, and Ancient Shield (item).svg Ancient Shield. There are no Ancient Boots and Dragon Boots (item).svg Dragon Boots are unobtainable on HCCO (as is the Dragon Helmet (item).svg Dragon Helmet,) so you'll continue rocking your (G) Rune Boots (item).svg (G) Rune Boots for quite awhile. Getting the Dragon Platebody (item).svg Dragon Platebody and/or Dragon Platelegs (item).svg Dragon Platelegs is only useful if you plan to upgrade them to (G), as you still need the extra DR that comes from the (G) upgrade. Once you get your full Ancient Platebody (item).svg Ancient Armor, make another visit to Statue (monster).svg Statues to finish off gathering Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bars and Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bars and upgrade everything to (G). Luckily the Elite Chest (item).svg Elite Chests you've been opening also drop plenty of Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bars and Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bars. In total, you'll need 6000 Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bars and 10,000 Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bars for full (G) Ancient Platebody (item).svg (G) Ancient Armor. If you get all the Silver Bar (item).svg Silver Bars you need, move to Purple Goo Monster (monster).svg Purple Goo Monsters for faster Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bars. You can also hold onto the Amulet of Fury (item).svg Amulets of Fury for the Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs grind later; you'll need 10 Amulet of Fury (item).svg furies in total.

After getting the (G) Ancient Shield (item).svg (G) Ancient Shield, there's nothing stopping you from immediately upgrading it again to the Dragonfire Shield (item).svg Dragonfire Shield, so head to the Green Dragon (monster).svg Green Dragons to get 7050 Dragon Bones (item).svg Dragon Bones. You can alternatively wait until getting some range levels, as Green Dragon (monster).svg Green Dragons are slightly weaker to mage and range than to melee, but at this level, you shouldn't have any trouble, and the 8% DR of the Dragonfire Shield (item).svg DFS will be very useful as a mage and range offhand for God dungeons.

Another grind that can be done around this time is the Sandstorm Ring (item).svg Sandstorm Ring from Sand Beast (monster).svg Sand Beasts, which will be your best-in-slot melee dps ring. (Note that as of v0.21, the Sandstorm Ring (item).svg Sandstorm Ring can no longer be used to cheese early range and mage training; the special attack is now melee only.)

Once you have full (G) Ancient Platebody (item).svg (G) Ancient Armor and Dragonfire Shield (item).svg DFS for 43% DR (or 40% with Amulet of Looting (item).svg looting and Sandstorm Ring (item).svg Sandstorm Ring, it's time to grind any remaining melee skills to ideally at least 90/99/90 while working your way towards 70 slayer for your next food upgrade - Trout (item).svg Trout from Raging Horned Elite (monster).svg Raging Horned Elites or RHE; you can also take advantage of the Gold Emerald Ring (item).svg Gold Emerald Ring from Mummy (monster).svg Mummies to speed up stat grinding. Once you get to this point, you can expect 447.8 hp in food for every kill! Once you start killing Raging Horned Elite (monster).svg RHE, hold onto the Ancient Arrows (item).svg Ancient Arrows they drop as they're your best arrows, even though they can't be equipped until level 70 Ranged (skill).svg Ranged. Additionally, the Large Horn (item).svg Large Horns that they drop will likely replace Master Farmer (monster).svg Master Farmers for GP farming, as the GP/hr is about the same (not to mention the food, arrows, and prayer points you're getting), with a much lower bank demand.

Ranged intro

Ranged (skill).svg Ranged is quite straightforward, but we’ve been putting it off for mainly two reasons: It doesn’t provide any real benefit until you start fighting wizards, or other magic monsters, and getting its gear without having the space in your bank or loadouts for the gear and weapon(s) will be annoying.

Get your first two bows (level 5 lets you use Oak Shortbow (item).svg Oak Shortbow) from the Ranged Golbin (monster).svg Ranged Golbin over at the Golbin Village (combatArea).svg Golbin Village, and use the Ice Arrows (item).svg Ice Arrows from the Frozen Archer (monster).svg Frozen Archer over at the Icy Hills (combatArea).svg Icy Hills. These are almost as strong as Rune Arrows (item).svg Rune Arrows, which you can start to use at level Ranged (skill).svg 40, but are much easier and cheaper to farm, and can be equipped from the very beginning. Literally all your next weapon upgrades, except if you go out of your way to get the Yew Longbow (item).svg Yew Longbow from the Holy Archer at level Ranged (skill).svg 40, will come from the Bandit Chest (item).svg Bandit Chest. At level Ranged (skill).svg 30 you can upgrade to the Maple Longbow (item).svg Maple Longbow, at level 50 you can use the Magic Longbow (item).svg Magic Longbow, and finally you will get to use the Redwood Longbow (item).svg Redwood Longbow and the Ancient Longbow (item).svg Ancient Longbow at levels 60 and 70.

An alternative (but less efficient) route for early ranged training is to kill Thief (monster).svg Thieves in the Runic Ruins (combatArea).svg Runic Ruins for throwing knives, which, due to their higher attack speed and inherent 15% ammunition saving, can help with early training.

Once you get into higher levels you may consider using the Adamant Arrows (item).svg Adamant (worse than Ice Arrows (item).svg Ice), Rune Arrows (item).svg Rune and Dragon Arrows (item).svg Dragon Arrows you’ve collected from the Bandit Chest (item).svg Bandit Chest. If you’re farming Raging Horned Elite (monster).svg Raging Horned Elite for food you may also use Ancient Arrows (item).svg Ancient Arrows in Ranged (skill).svg ranged combat after level 70.

Most of your ranged armor upgrades will come from the Spider Forest (dungeon).svg Spider Forest, moving through Green D-hide Body (item).svg Green D'hide at level 40, Blue D-hide Body (item).svg Blue D'hide at level 50, Red D-hide Body (item).svg Red D'hide at level 60, and finally into Black D-hide Body (item).svg Black D'hide at level 70. Upgrading ranged armor is much easier than for melee armor, as you can buy Leather (item).svg Leather from the shop, which can then be used to buy Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green, Blue Dragonhide (item).svg Blue, and Red Dragonhide (item).svg Red dragon leathers for upgrading their respective armor tiers. Alternatively, killing dragons in the Dragon Valley (combatArea).svg Dragon Valley can provide all chromatic dragonhide, including Black Dragonhide (item).svg Black. Ranger Hat (item).svg Ranger Hat and Ranger Boots (item).svg Ranger Boots are a nice bonus for saving ammunition while training, but after level 70, ammunition will be plentiful thanks to Raging Horned Elite (monster).svg Raging Horned Elites, so they aren't necessarily worth the time to grind out.

Magic Intro

Magic (skill).svg Magic in this gamemode will mainly consist of casting air spells, since you can remove one colour from the rune costs. All spells cost air runes, but water, earth and fire runes additionally cost their respective runes.

This is a bad thing, for us, since we have no real way to farm a lot of runes yet, but we can get started by farming some catalyst runes at the Vampire (monster).svg Vampire and the Master Wizard (monster).svg Master Wizard. The Vampire (monster).svg Vampire is probably best for now, since it is a ranged monster, meaning we can strike it with melee, even considering the drop chance and drop rates are lower than from the master wizard.

Catalyst Runes are the runes you use to power up your spells, while Elemental runes select which element you’re using. You can remove the cost for Elemental runes with staves, which we will abuse to completely nullify the air cost, and thus only use air spells.

The Staff of Air (item).svg Staff of Air reduces the cost by 1, allowing you to cast up to Wind Strike for free (20 dmg), the Air Battlestaff (item).svg Battlestaff reduces it by 3, allowing you to cast up to Wind Blast for free (130 dmg), while the Mystic Air Staff (item).svg Mystic Air Staff reduces it by 5, allowing you to cast up to Wind Wave for free (170 dmg).

Keep in mind you will also need the Catalyst runes for each tier. Once you get to level Magic (skill).svg 30 magic you can start wielding Air Battlestaff (item).svg battlestaves, and should therefore also cast Wind Bolts. No need for Mind Rune (item).svg Mind Runes anymore, so sell them all.

After you can cast Death Rune (item).svg Death spells, you might want to go back and forth between Chaos Rune (item).svg Chaos Runes and Death Rune (item).svg Death Runes, since they both deal decent damage, and are both farmed decently at the Master Wizard (monster).svg Master Wizard for a while. Eventually, as you get more magic evasion through leveling Magic (skill).svg magic, you will only use Death Rune (item).svg Death runes, as the Necromancer (monster).svg Necromancer stops hurting too much.

Ancient (g) to God gear and beyond (everything maxed, current end game)


It's about time to get your best-statted amulet, the Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs, or FEZ. You don't have to do it now, as it provides the same 2% DR as that of the Elite Amulet of Defence (item).svg Elite Amulet of Defence, but the other offensive and defensive bonuses are not to be underestimated. Refer to the FEZ/Guide for getting all the materials to make it. The Leonardo (pet).svg Leonardo pet is good to have by this point as well, as it's a free 1% DR. Another useful item to get around this time if you don't already have it is the Sandstorm Ring (item).svg Sandstorm Ring, for its unavoidable special attack.











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