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This page is out of date (v1.0.1).

The Melvor Idle wiki contains guides on a number of different topics. These guides are written by players and may not be fully up to date.

General Guides

Skill Training Guides

At present only some skills have guides. If you are interested in writing a guide, see the Contributing page for information on how to get a wiki account.

Skill XP Guide Moneymaking Guide
Fishing Training
Firemaking Training
Mining Training
Smithing Training
Crafting Training
Agility Training
Woodcutting Training
Thieving Training Moneymaking
Herblore Training
Astrology Training
Farming Training
Cooking Training
Fletching Training
Runecrafting Training
Summoning Training
Magic Training

Dungeon Guides

Dungeon Guide
Hall of Wizards Hall of Wizards/Guide
Deep Sea Ship Deep Sea Ship/Guide
Dragons Den Dragons Den/Guide
Volcanic Cave Volcanic Cave/Guide
Infernal Stronghold Infernal Stronghold/Guide
Air God Dungeon Air God Dungeon/Guide
Water God Dungeon Water God Dungeon/Guide
Earth God Dungeon Earth God Dungeon/Guide
Fire God Dungeon Fire God Dungeon/Guide
Into the Mist Into the Mist/Guide
Impending Darkness Impending Darkness/Guide

Other Guides