Golden Golbin

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Golden Golbin
Golden Golbin (pet).svg
Pet ID: 20
Skill: Combat.svg Combat
Effect: +1% chance to double loot acquired through combat.

The Golden Golbin is a special pet that is not tied to any specific skill. Instead, the Golden Golbin is received upon reaching a Golbin Kill Count of 42,069. The Golbin (monster).svg Golbins (Not the Ranged Golbin (monster).svg Ranged Golbins) in the Golbin Village (combatArea).svg Golbin Village and all Golbins in the Golbin Raid count.

The chance to double loot from Golden Golbin is additive with the chance to double from equipment such as Chapeau Noir (item).svg Chapeau Noir, Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring, and the Master tier of slayer armour.