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This page is out of date (v0.18.2).

Golbin Raid is the first permanent minigame added to Melvor Idle. It will be built and expanded upon to create a fun distraction for those who want to take a break from the grind. This gamemode offers unique rewards exclusive to the minigame. This minigame is specifically designed to be fair for everyone, at any level of the game. There is no advantage to having high level stats or items in this.

How to Play

  • Defeat infinite waves of Golbins, progressing in difficulty and Combat Level each wave.
  • You start at Level 1 Combat Skill Levels (Hitpoints Level 10) which increases by 1 at the end of each wave.
  • Start with only a Bronze Scimitar, 100 Bronze Arrows, 100 Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Mind Runes, and 10 Shrimp
  • At the end of each wave you can select the desired item you wish to equip, chosen at random.
  • Get as far as you can with the best build possible.
  • Running or dying in the Raid will reward you with Raid Coins based on what Wave you got up to. You cannot earn Raid Coins prior to Wave 4. (Currently no way to spend Raid Coins)
  • Everyone attacks twice as fast in the Raid.

Important Information

  • The Raid is in its first stage of development. Refer to Development Plan.
  • Auto Eat - Tier II (upgrade).svg Auto Eat - Tier II is active throughout the Raid.
  • There are no Prayer (skill).svg Prayer, Potions or passive Pet Bonuses.
  • No Combat Experience is gained during the Raid.
  • You are limited to only 1 Equipment Set, and 1 Equipped Food. Choose wisely.
  • The Weapons and Gear you can select are gated behind Wave requirements. Check the selections screen for info.
  • All Runes acquired during the Raid are stored. Check the My Runes page in Combat to see what you have.
  • All Magic (skill).svg Magic Spells are unlocked from the start.
  • Running out of Runes or Ammo during Combat will replace your weapon with a Bronze Scimitar (item).svg Bronze Scimitar.
  • Combat Triangle Modifiers for Standard & Hardcore characters still apply here (Including no HP Regen for Hardcore).
  • The Raid is basically Combat reskinned, therefore you are not able to train any other skills during the Raid.
  • This is a safe minigame. Hardcore.svg Hardcore Characters are safe if you die.
  • All Golbins killed during the raid count towards unlocking the Golden Golbin (pet).svg Golden Golbin pet.

Development Plan

  • Stage 1 (current) Initial Release & Basic Game Mechanics Implemented
  • Stage 2 Raid Shop, Increased Variance of Enemies & Tuning for Ranged and Magic
  • Stage 3 Finalise Mechanics & Focus on Feedback
  • Stage 4 Finalise Minigame

Gear Unlocks

As you progress through the waves of the Golbin Raid, more powerful gear will be unlocked.

  • Wave 1-9: Gear that normally requires level 70 and under
  • Wave 10-19: Gear that normally requires level 84 and under
  • Wave 20+: All Gear available

Raid Coins

Number of Raid Coins earned, increases with the number of cleared waves, by: [math]Raidcoins = wave * \lfloor (2 + (wave * 0.25))\rfloor*\lfloor ((wave/15)+1) \rfloor[/math]

Wave count Raid Coins
5 12
10 36
15 70
20 228
30 522
40 1,287
50 2,744
75 7,400
100 18,018
125 36,828
150 58,110
175 93,960
200 142,086


If Ammo is chosen during the selection phase, 2 random options will be offered, and a option to increase your existing ammo. The quantity of Ammo offered is a random amount between 1 and max quantity, where the offered amount increases with the number of cleared waves and your multiplier that you can increase in the raid shop, by: [math]Ammo Max = ((wave * 25)* RaidShopMultiplier)+1[/math]


If Food is chosen during the selection phase, 3 random options will be offered. The quantity of Food offered is a random amount between 1 + Raid Shop Multiplier and max quantity, where the offered amount increases with the number of cleared waves, by: [math]FoodMax = (wave*12-wave)+wave+RaidShopMultiplier[/math]

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