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Similar to most games, the Melvor Idle community uses a number of abbreviations and shorthand names. This page contains a list of several terms you may see mentioned along with a brief definition for each:


General Game Terms

  • AE - Auto Eat, sometimes referred to as AE1, AE2, or AE3 for each of the available tiers
  • BIS - Best In Slot, refers to Equipment that is the best in a given slot (e.g. Helmet) for a particular task
  • DPS - Damage per Second
  • DR - Damage Reduction
  • Tx - Tier x, often used for potions (Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4) or the level equipment requires to be worn (see T90)
  • T90 - Tier 90, which is referencing weapons with a requirement of skill level 90: Tidal Edge, Ocean Song and Shockwave
  • XP - Experience Points
  • MXP - Mastery Experience
  • PXP or Pool XP - Mastery Pool Experience
  • Pots - Potions, a collection of items made with Herblore
  • PP - Prayer Points. More information is available on Prayer* KPH - Kills per Hour, a metric that allows Combat equipment/loadouts to be compared in terms of the average number of kills of a particular Monster that is achievable within an hour while using said loadout
  • SC - Slayer Coins


Game Modes

Monsters and Dungeons


Weapons and Shields