Generous Harvest Potion

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The Generous Harvest Potion is a potion that can be made with Herblore (skill).svg Herblore. It gives a chance to double the number of items harvested from Farming (skill).svg Farming plots. One charge is used each time a plot is harvested whether or not the yield is doubled.

The increased harvest quantity will increase the experience gained for herb or allotment patches as well as increasing the Mastery.svg Mastery experience for patches of any type. The doubling effect is applied after the boosts from Weird Gloop (item).svg Weird Gloop and the Farming Skillcape (item).svg Farming Skillcape but the +5 harvest bonus from Larry, the Lonely Lizard (pet).png Larry, the Lonely Lizard won't be doubled as it is applied after the potion's effect.


Item Creation
Requirements Herblore (skill).svg Level 74
Materials 1 Pigtayle Herb (item).svg Pigtayle Herb
2 Snape Grass (item).svg Snape Grass
2 Carrot (item).svg Carrot
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 112 XP
Base Creation Time 2s


The tier of potion created depends on the player's Mastery.svg Mastery. See the Herblore (skill).svg Herblore page for more details on how potion tiers work.

Potion Tier Charges Effect
Generous Harvest Potion I (item).svg I 5 +5% chance for double harvest.
Generous Harvest Potion II (item).svg II 10 +10% chance for double harvest.
Generous Harvest Potion III (item).svg III 15 +15% chance for double harvest.
Generous Harvest Potion IV (item).svg IV 25 +25% chance for double harvest.