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This page is out of date (v1.1.2).
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Difference between versions

The demo version of Melvor Idle has a limited number of skills, enemies, and game modes. Upgrading to the Full version is a one-time unlock, there is no ongoing membership. Additionally, Throne of the Herald is a paid expansion which adds new content from levels 100-120.

Version Skills Items Enemies Dungeons Max skill level Game modes
Demo 11 572 75 10 99 Standard
Full 24 1215 163 17 99 Standard, Adventure, Hardcore
Full + Throne of the Herald 24 1775 220 24 120 Standard, Adventure, Hardcore

Where to purchase the Full Version

Where you can use the Full Version after purchasing

If you purchase the game on mobile, you will not receive a Steam key to play on Steam. If you purchase on Steam, you can play your full account on mobile. By signing in to your cloud account, you can play the same account across different platforms.

Platform Steam Mobile Browser
Purchase on Steam Yes Yes Yes
Purchase on Mobile No Yes Yes


The Throne of the Herald Expansion was the first expansion, which released on 20th October 2022.

Two further major content expansions are anticipated, however no further information is available for these at present.