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Food is used to replenish Hitpoints during Combat or Thieving. Up to 3 types of food can be equipped for use from the Bank. Food can be unequipped through the Combat or Thieving page, by using the food drop-down menu and selecting Unequip.

To eat food you must first equip it through the Bank and select it using the food drop-down menu, then you can click the food icon to consume it. When food is consumed you will immediately heal for amount listed in the foods description, the health bar healing animation is purely visual and does not represent a delay in healing received.

Cooked Fish

- Main article: Cooking

Uncooked Fish

Item Name Healing Value
Raw Magic Fish (item).svg
Raw Magic Fish 170 600

Harvested Food

- Main article: Farming

Crop Crop Name Crop Healing Crop Value
Potatoes (item).svg
Potatoes 10 1
Onions (item).svg
Onions 20 2
Cabbage (item).svg
Cabbage 30 5
Tomatoes (item).svg
Tomatoes 40 1
Sweetcorn (item).svg
Sweetcorn 50 8
Strawberries (item).svg
Strawberries 60 10
Watermelon (item).svg
Watermelons 70 15
Snape Grass (item).svg
Snape Grass 80 23
Carrot (item).svg
Carrot 90 28

Auto Eat

Auto Eat is an upgrade purchasable from the Shop, which will use food automatically when the players health reaches a certain threshold. The minimum threshold listed is the percent of Hitpoints you must have before Auto Eat will be begin eating and Max Healing is what percent of Hitpoints must be reached before Auto Eat will stop eating. Efficiency affects how many Hitpoints an individual piece of food will replenish, if a Potato would ordinarily heal 10 Hitpoints, a Potato consumed with Auto Eat - Tier I will only restore 6 Hitpoints. Auto eat will only use the currently equipped and selected food type. If all the selected food has been consumed and the equipped food slot is empty, Auto Eat will not work. Once the selected food has been depleted, another food type must be manually selected for Auto Eat to continue functioning.