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This article is about training the Fishing skill. For the skill itself, see Fishing.


Generally, you should train on the highest level fish you have unlocked, or follow the list below:

Level Fish
1-5 Raw Shrimp
5-10 Raw Sardine
10-20 Raw Herring
20-35 Raw Trout
35-40 Raw Salmon
40-50 Raw Lobster
50-55 Raw Anglerfish
55-75 Raw Fanfish
75-85 Raw Cave Fish
85-95 Raw Manta Ray
95-100 Raw Whale
100-101 Raw Lava Fish
101-104 Raw Spike Fish
104-105 Raw Blue Crab
105-106 Raw Magma Fish
106-110 Raw Large Blowfish
110-115 Raw Frost Crab
115-118 Raw Ghost Fish
118-120 Raw Terrorfish

Selling the fish should result in enough gold to upgrade to the best available Fishing Rod in the Shop. It is to be noted that only fishing rods up to Dragon Fishing Rod actually help with speeding up the experience gain. Cooking your fish will increase their value when sold, and will get you Cooking experience at the same time!


Changing fishing targets too often has one downside - Junk. It provides 1 XP when received, greatly reducing your overall XP and GP rates.

Players will receive Junk at a fairly high rate (10-29%, depending on location) while fishing until their total Mastery progression is at 25% or when the Mastery level for an individual fish reaches 65.

Therefore, it is reasonable to spend your Mastery Pool on getting Fanfish, Raw Cave Fish, Manta Rays, and Whales to level 65 in order to remove the chance of Junk, which will boost your speed of progress.

Additional Information

The single most efficient item to obtain for training fishing is the Amulet of Fishing, then Fishing Rod upgrades in the Shop, then Pirates Lost Ring. The Amulet of Fishing is obtained by opening Treasure Chests.

There is a small chance to acquire the Message in a Bottle. It will unlock the Secret Area that gives no Junk and has a higher chance of special items. This area has Raw Seahorse, Raw Skeleton Fish, and Raw Magic Fish.

Fishing for Raw Seahorse is used to get special items at the fastest possible rate, and are surprisingly efficient Cooking materials. Raw Skeleton Fish is a decent way to get Prayer points. Raw Magic Fish is a decent way to make GP and food **without** Cooking. Getting to level 99 before fishing any of these fish - especially Raw Magic Fish - is strongly recommended as they all have poor xp rates, and the Fishing Skillcape doubles all fish you catch.

Another hidden area is unlocked with the Barbarian Gloves, this area has Leaping Trout, Leaping Salmon, and Leaping Broad Fish. While these have no direct benefits to Fishing, they provide Strength xp. Generally only Leaping Broad Fish are worth the effort, although this is a minor benefit at best, and is no longer efficient beyond roughly Strength Level 40.



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