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Fishing is used to catch fish, which can be cooked for use as food during combat or thieving. Raising fishing to level 99 will unlock the Fishing Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. The Fishing Skillcape doubles the amount of items caught. Using Fisherman's potions reduces the chance to catch junk by 3-12%. If the Bank becomes full while fishing, fishing will continue but any extra items will be lost.

Fishing Areas

Different fish are located in each Fishing Area. Each area has different chances to obtain junk or special items instead of fish. The Barbarian Fishing area is unlocked by wearing the Barbarian Gloves. Catching fish in the Barbarian Fishing Area will give Strength and Fishing skill experience. The Secret Area is unlocked by reading the Message in a Bottle in the Bank.

Mastery Unlocks

Fishing Mastery XP is based on the number of fish caught, at a rate of 1 Mastery XP per fish.

Mastery Unlock
1 Each Mastery level increases the chance to receive 2x items by +0.4%
50 +3% chance to receive special items.
65 You no longer catch Junk.
99 A "Well Done" Badge

Fishing Rods

Higher levels of fishing allow the player to purchase higher tiers of fishing rods from the Shop. The "bonus speed" from fishing rods is actually a percent reduction in the time that it takes to catch a fish.

Catch Time Decrease
Name Fishing (skill).svg Level Cost This Rod Total
Iron Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Iron Fishing Rod 1 Coins.svg 100 -5% -5%
Steel Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Steel Fishing Rod 10 Coins.svg 1,000 -5% -10%
Black Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Black Fishing Rod 20 Coins.svg 5,000 -5% -15%
Mithril Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Mithril Fishing Rod 35 Coins.svg 20,000 -5% -20%
Adamant Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Adamant Fishing Rod 50 Coins.svg 75,000 -5% -25%
Rune Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Rune Fishing Rod 60 Coins.svg 300,000 -5% -30%
Dragon Fishing Rod (upgrade).svg Dragon Fishing Rod 80 Coins.svg 2,000,000 -10% -40%


As the player's fishing level increases, new fish that give more experience will become available to catch.


Special items can be randomly acquired instead of fish while fishing. They reward the same amount of XP as the fish that was being caught. Treasure is chosen from the following loot table:

The average value of a roll on the special fishing loot table is Coins.svg 523.69


Junk items are randomly caught instead of fish. They reward only 1 XP when caught, and are selected from the following table: