Fire God Dungeon/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.0.5).

Manual Build

You might want to manually go through the Fire God Dungeon if you want to get the Art of Control as soon as possible.

The idea is to idle everything but the Cataclysm attack of Ragnar. Use Can I Idle to check if you can do it. You want to be able to tank everything else to reduce the chance of death.

The spell of choice is either 20k-accuracy Slicing Winds or Gust if you unlocked it. With them, you don't have to worry about the long fights because these spells won't miss if they're fired at accuracy of 20k or higher.

The Scaled Shield is used to increase your DPS. If you don't have enough HP, Dragonfire Shield might be a good option.

You can use Magic Wand (Powerful) if you don't have its Elite version.

Idle Build

It's recommended to beat the Fire God Dungeon with Ranged, since enemies here are all melee and magic, due to the Combat Triangle.


Ranged Ranged Magic Magic
1,000 HP 71% 64% 70% 66%
1,100 HP 66% 56% 67% 62%
1,000 HP 56% 53% 70% 66%
1,100 HP 54% 50% 67% 62%

Extra DR

  • Yak summons gives +1% DR
  • Yak and Witch or Yak and Centaur grants +2% DR (for a total of +3%) vs Ignis or Ragnar, the monster that is closest to killing you as Ranged and Magic respectively.
  • Agility can give a large amount of extra HP and DR%

Maximized Farming

The rest of this guide is NOT for your first clear, your average clear, or even your first 100 clears. This is purely to maximize scrolls for any missing items. This will assume the Standard Mode Combat Triangle, 99 in all skills, access to nearly all weapons and items in the game, and access to all DR and HP pets. This assumes you are (unless otherwise noted) using an optimal Agility setup, are using your best dps prayers, your best summoning synergy, and are using Diamond Luck Potions


This build runs a fine line between alive and dead, tradeoffs may be necessary for your setup to survive.

Cape of Prat is marginally faster than Maximum Skillcape, but as it more than doubles your ammo expenditure, it is not recommended.

This clocks in around 19 to 20 scrolls per hour, depending slightly on your Astrology bonuses


Alternatively, to use a bit less food at no cost to scroll and chest acquisition, you can swap Wasteful Ring for Guardian Ring, Aeris God Helmet for Slayer Cowl (Master), and Deadeye Amulet for FEZ.


This build uses Fire Surge, Anguish III, and Surge II.

To use this method, you need to have 1040 HP and 68 DR. This is achieved by using Damage Reduction Potion IV instead of Diamond Luck Potions.

This clocks in around 21 to 22 scrolls per hour, depending on your access to Shield of Magic Power, and depending slightly on your Astrology bonuses