Fire God Dungeon/Guide

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This page is out of date (v1.0).


It's recommended to beat the Fire God Dungeon with Ranged, since enemies here are all melee and magic, due to the Combat Triangle.

Item Slot DR%
Aeris God Helmet Head 8%
Aeris God Platebody Body 8%
Aeris God Platelegs Leggings 8%
Aeris God Boots Boots 8%
Aeris God Gloves Hands 8%
Subtotal 40%
Infernal Cape Cape 4%
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Neck 3%
Wasteful Ring Ring 0%
Dragonfire Shield Off-hand 8%
Total 55%


This Dungeon essentially depends on using the Wasteful Ring, since it reduces the need for DR% by 7 or 8 points.

The following assumes the player is max level HP.

Having Finn, the Cat does not make a difference for the following, coincidentally, and thus could replace the need for the last HP level.

Extra DR

An Earth Layered Shield is better than a Dragonfire Shield, but is arguably harder to get. The ELS requires a total of 64% DR, the DFS requires a total of 62% DR.

  • Note that the ELS gives 4% extra DR by itself, effectively reducing the extra requirement.
DFS You need 7% more DR
ELS You need 5% more DR


For the weapon, Ancient Crossbow is a decent choice, with Emerald Bolts, as you will need Diamond for potions.


If you haven't ground out a Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs yet, you could use Elite Amulet of Defence instead, with only 1% DR loss.

You can get up to 1100 hp through agility, reducing the total dr% requirement with Wasteful Ring to 56% (the -2% dr one is not worth it). Without Wasteful Ring, get it up to 1120 HP at the cost of two DR%, and you will only need 64% dr.

At 1000 HP, and without Wasteful Ring, you would need 71% DR. At 1030 HP, and without Wasteful Ring, you would need 70% DR.