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Farming is a Skill used to grow seeds into food, herbs or logs.

Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring, Weird Gloop (item).svg Weird Gloop and Generous Harvest Potion IV (item).svg Generous Harvest Potions can increase the number of Herbs, Crops, and Logs received when harvested. Items which increase crop and herb yields also increase the Farming skill and mastery experience received.

Raising Farming to level 99 will unlock the Farming Skillcape (item).svg Farming Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the skillcape increases the harvest quantity from crops by 20% and allows the player to add Compost (item).svg Compost to allotments, herbs, and trees for free.

Equipping Bob's Rake (item).svg Bob's Rake provides a 20% chance that Compost (item).svg Compost or Weird Gloop (item).svg Weird Gloop is retained in a plot when harvested.

Gaining Experience

Farming Experience is gained through two actions: Planting seeds and harvesting crops that survive. Planting a seed will grant the player that seed's base experience value and harvesting will grant experience equal to the base experience value multiplied by the number of items harvested.

For example, Potato Seeds (item).svg Potato Seeds have a base experience of 8, so if a player plants a plot with Potato Seeds and then harvests 5 Potatoes (item).svg Potatoes, they will receive 48 total experience: 8 for planting and then 40 for harvesting.

Since experience is tied to the number of items harvested, anything that increases the number of items harvested will also increase the amount of experience received.

However, this only applies to herbs and allotments. Trees give a fixed amount of XP for harvesting regardless of how many logs are acquired.

Mastery Unlocks

Farming Mastery impacts many aspects of Farming. 1 Mastery point is given for each allotment/herb/wood harvested. Increased mastery level increases the amount harvested from a plot. At 11 mastery, harvesting herbs and allotments has a chance to return seeds. At 50 mastery, crops, herbs and trees cannot die, and no longer require Compost (item).svg Compost.

Reaching 99 Mastery for a given crop requires 27,570 harvests, assuming no boosts are used to increase harvest quantity.

Crop Harvest Quantity

The harvest quantity, [math] Q_h [/math], increases with the mastery level, [math] L_m [/math], according to the formula:

[math] Q_h = \left \lfloor 5 + \frac{4L_m}{10} \right \rfloor [/math]

where: [math] \left \lfloor x \right \rfloor [/math] is the floor function.

Mastery Level Harvest Amount
1 5
2 5
3 6
4 6
5 7
10 9
20 13
50 25
75 35
99 44

Seed Return Chance

Starting at level 11 Mastery, there is a chance to get seeds back when harvesting herb and allotment plots. Higher levels of mastery increase the chance and quantity of seeds that are returned. The average number of seeds returned, [math] Q_s [/math], varies with the mastery level, [math] L_m [/math] as follows:

[math] Q_s = \frac{n}{x} \left (x-\frac{n+1}{2}\right) [/math]
[math] x = \frac{L_m}{10} [/math]
[math] n = \left \lfloor x \right \rfloor [/math]

This means that at 50 mastery, two seeds are returned on average, and herbs become self-sustainable. Reaching 50 Mastery requires a plant to be harvested 436 times, assuming no boosts are used to increase harvest quantity.

At 70 mastery, three seeds are returned on average, and allotments become self-sustainable. Reaching 70 Mastery requires a plant to be harvested 2,235 times, assuming no boosts are used to increase harvest quantity.


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Farming Level 99.

Skillcape Name Effect
Farming Skillcape (item).svg Farming Skillcape +20% Crop Harvest Quantity.
Adding Compost is free.


Chance to get pet is rolled once for each quantity of a crop you harvest.

The bonus from Larry is applied after other bonuses to harvest quantity, including the double harvest from Generous Harvest Potions.

Pet Name Effect
Larry, the Lonely Lizard (pet).png Larry, the Lonely Lizard +5 Harvest Quantity

Farming Plots

The player will originally only have access to a single allotment plot. Additional plots are unlocked by levelling up Farming and must be purchased with GP. Below are tables outlining the level requirements and costs for the plots:


Plot Farming (skill).svg Level Cost
1 1 Free
2 1 Coins.svg 500
3 1 Coins.svg 5,000
4 10 Coins.svg 15,000
5 20 Coins.svg 25,000
6 30 Coins.svg 40,000
7 40 Coins.svg 65,000
8 50 Coins.svg 80,000
9 60 Coins.svg 100,000
10 70 Coins.svg 120,000
11 80 Coins.svg 150,000
12 90 Coins.svg 200,000


Plot Farming (skill).svg Level Cost
1 5 Coins.svg 10,000
2 5 Coins.svg 20,000
3 15 Coins.svg 35,000
4 35 Coins.svg 50,000
5 45 Coins.svg 80,000
6 55 Coins.svg 100,000
7 65 Coins.svg 125,000
8 75 Coins.svg 150,000
9 85 Coins.svg 200,000


Plot Farming (skill).svg Level Cost
1 15 Coins.svg 50,000
2 30 Coins.svg 100,000
3 60 Coins.svg 250,000
4 80 Coins.svg 400,000


Seeds are required to start Farming and can be acquired from several sources, such as Thieving, Combat, or Woodcutting. Allotments require three seeds to plant, herbs require two, and trees require one. Seeds planted without fertiliser have a 50% chance to yield crops after growing. To increase the chance above 50% seeds must be fertilised using Compost (item).svg Compost. Each Compost (item).svg Compost used on a seed will increase its survival chance by 10%, raising the Compost Level to 5 will guarantee the crops survive. Compost (item).svg Compost must be used every time a seed is planted to have an effect.

As an alternative to compost players may use Weird Gloop (item).svg Weird Gloop. Only 1 Gloop is required to fill the compost bar and prevent crops from dying. In addition, it provides a bonus of 10% to harvest quantity.





The Generous Harvest Potion has a chance to double crops/herbs/logs harvested.

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