Extra Equipment Set

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Extra Equipment Set
Extra Equipment Set
Unlock an extra Equipment Set for Combat.
Type: Upgrade
Cost: GP 10,000,000 or SC 300,000 or GP 100,000,000 or GP 200,000,000
Requirements: None

- Main article: Shop

There are three extra equipment slots available for purchase from the Shop. Once purchased from the Shop for either GP 10,000,000 or SC 300,000 or GP 100,000,000 or GP 200,000,000 respectively, this upgrade unlocks the ability to use an additional equipment set. The Coins.svg 100,000,000 Extra Equipment Set additionally requires Astrology level 99 to purchase.

Each set can be swapped between using the equipment menu on the right side of the top bar, or through the equipment tab of the Combat screen. Sets cannot be swapped or Equipment changed whilst in a Dungeon unless the Dungeon Equipment Swapping upgrade has been purchased.

Equipment equipped within any equipment set does not occupy Bank space.

Equip set swap.png