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Ongoing Lore Event 2020 - A Tale of the Past, a future's prophecy

Starting on March 12, 2020, the first in a series of eight images was posted to Reddit and to Discord (in plain text) by the developer. Originally the majority of the text was missing, however more was revealed with each new post, until on April 21, 2020, the final completed version was shared. The meaning behind the text is currently unknown, although the developer has hinted that it will be tied into new game content.

Long ago when the world was young there were 4 Gods. Each tasked to do their part in shaping the world. Working together with each other they sought to maintain the balance the world needed. As time went on, so did the complexity in their positions grew. Small quarrels turned to arguments, arguments turned to hate and not too soon after war was on the horizon. And so they went their separate ways.
With hostility growing between the Gods so did their ignorance towards the rest not wanting to partake in the war. Malcs, the leader of the lesser dragons at that time begins devising a plan. While not as strong as the Gods they knew something had to be done.
Recognizing that they could not defeat them they could instead seal them. Willingly they would sacrifice themselves in the process of creating a powerful seal under their leader. But it took a huge toll. Almost all perish in the end to complete the seal, but it works, with Malcs now a saviour in the eyes of others. Knowing that if he were defeated it would mean the end. And so he leaves in grief, exiling himself for an eternity.
In the long centuries that pass so does the creep of age affect Malcs, a long time has passed. One day adventurers unknowingly discover his location. Not knowing who he was, Malcs was treated like another trophy to get, and so he was targeted. Countless adventurers from all over took up this opportunity and so he fought, for years...until he no longer could. The seals break and in doing so 4 beacons of light strike up towards the sky with a vicious roar: Radiant Silver, Soft Blue, Mossy Green and Burning Red.
Rumors of mysterious colossal dungeons appearing at the origins of these light start to spread. The Gods prepare for their return. With you at the centre of this now, what will you do?
  • A Tale of the Past, a future's prophecy

April Fools Event 2020 - ArChAeOloGy

The ArChAeOloGy event was added for April Fools 2020 and allowed the player to scratch a tile to reveal a "prize". Sometimes the tile would reveal a joke, "Nothing LOL" for experience, or the image of an item, which awarded the item. The experience earned was equal to 50 times ArChAeOloGy level when scratching "Nothing LOL". It took approximately 15 hours to reach level 99, which when reached gave the player nothing. The item drop rates in order of rarity were: Lemon, Herb Sack, Bird Nest, Mastery tokens, Black Platebody and Ancient Wizard Boots.

  • April Fools Event 2020
  • Scratched tiles.

Easter Event 2020 - Flappy Golbin

The Easter Event ran from the 10th to the 14th of April, 2020. The event added a "Flappy Golbin" mini-game, which is a reskin of the 2013 classic Flappy Bird. Flappy Golbin has three difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy has a wide gap between logs to pass through and awards 1 point per log passed. Normal has a smaller gap to pass through and awards 2 points per log passed. Hard has logs which move up and down, awarding 4 points per log passed. The player's high score for each difficulty is displayed on the event page.

The player's score each game in Flappy Golbin is converted to "Eggs" for the player, which is a currency that could be used to purchase items from the Easter Shop.

  • Easter Event 2020
  • Flappy Golbin - Normal
  • Easter Event 2020 - Shop