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Template:V0.16.3 This page contains all current Easter Eggs implemented into Melvor Idle.

Amulet of Calculated Promotion

The Amulet of Calculated Promotion was added in the Alpha v0.12 update and was the first Easter egg item to be added to the game. Twitch streamer witwix has promoted Melvor Idle on his stream by discussing the game with his community, leading to an increase in active players. The amulet was added as a response by the developer to show his appreciation for this promotion. The amulet is obtainable by name changing to "witwix" (case sensitive) and opening the Chest of Witwix, which is dropped by Leeches. The chest will always contain the Amulet of Calculated Promotion if the player's character name is witwix.

Clue Chasers Insignia

Bank layout to obtain Clue Chasers Insignia.

The Clue Chasers Insignia was added in the Alpha v0.14 update and was teased with a clue which requires metagaming to solve. The clue for how to obtain the amulet was left in the patch notes:

"The Numbers, mason, What do they mean?!"

The clue is a red herring reference to a cutscene from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. The numbers important for solving the clue come from the TV show Lost, which uses the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, as a part of the show's mythology. The numbers correspond to the 'item ID' of items in Melvor Idle, 4 is Maple Logs, 8 is Redwood Logs, 15 is Raw Swordfish, 16 is Raw Crab, 23 is Herring, and 42 is Burnt Cave Fish. These items must be manually placed in the aforementioned order, so that the first 6 slots of the Bank contain them. The items must also have a specific quantity, which is discovered by reversing the number sequence. The correct order and quantity of items is shown below.

Maple Logs (item).svg 42 Maple Logs, Redwood Logs (item).svg 23 Redwood Logs, Raw Swordfish (item).svg 16 Raw Swordfish, Raw Crab (item).svg 15 Raw Crab, Herring (item).svg 8 Herring, Burnt Cave Fish (item).svg 4 Burnt Cave Fish.

Once the items have been moved to the first 6 slots of the Bank in the correct order and quantity, the Clue Chasers Insignia will be automatically awarded. If there is already a Clue Chasers Insignia in the bank, or if the order/quantity of items is wrong, the amulet will not be awarded. If the amulet is equipped, sold or lost, it can be obtained again using the same method.


Typing 8 on any page (on a 8 second cooldown) will add the item 8 (item).svg 8 to the Bank. On use, it has an 1/8 chance to add 8 new 8's to the bank. This Easter egg was added in the Alpha v0.15 update.


"69(lol)" is a Farming easter egg where "(lol)" is added next to every instance of 69 appearing on the Farming page. Whenever Snape Grass, Carrots, or other high wait time seeds are planted the information tile will read "Time Left: About 69(lol) mins" remaining. This Easter egg was added in the Alpha v0.12 update, which made changes to the Farming UI.

Yep, still undefined

The Slayer Cowl (Basic) has a description of "Yep, still undefined". This is due to a bug where the description was "undefined" for a period of time, but after the developer fixed it, the bug returned and so did the bug reports. In response, the developer decided to just change the item description to "Yep, still undefined" after that.

Sell x6,969M

When selling items from the Bank, changing the amount to "ALL" will set the sell amount to 6,969M by default.


When changing the player's username, leaving the "New Desired Username" box blank will result in having the name "Insubordinate". This also occurs when creating a new game, and not setting a username.


Prior to patch version Alpha v0.13, some of the creatures were erroneously named Goblin, which is a creature from European folklore, used most commonly in fantasy settings today. Patch Alpha v0.13 changed all creatures named Goblin to Golbin, which is the developer's unique spin on the Goblin archetype.

Golden Golbin

The Golden Golbin is a pet that can only be obtained by getting a Golbin kill count of 42069.


Using "wherearemylemons" to add Lemons to the bank.

Typing "wherearemylemons" into the Bank search bar will add a Lemon to the player's Bank. Lemon, Lemons, and Lemonade are joke items added in the April Fools 2020 Event, patch v0.14.69.


Lemon is an Easter Egg item which was previously given to the player in place of an Aorpheats Signet Ring piece, when the requirement of wearing a Gold Topaz Ring was not met. This was changed to instead drop a Gold Topaz Ring in Alpha v0.16.3. See Signet Ring Half (a) and Signet Ring Half (b) for more details on how to find the Aorpheats Signet Ring.

Monster and Item Names

An possible early iteration of the art for Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor.

Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor, is a combat level 677 dungeon boss named after the developer of the game. Prat, the Protector of Secrets is a combat level 360 dungeon monster named after the "artist", writer, and Discord moderator of the game, Prat. The Cape of Prat is also named after Prat, with the flavour text, "You're more accurate when you're naked." The text is purely for flavour and has no mechanical impact. The text is a reference to an in-joke between the developer and Prat.

Pet Names

Many of the pets in the game are named after characters from popular culture or individals/real-life pets.

Pet Origin
Cris (pet).svg Cris Wordplay on Cris, the Cow, sound like Crisco
Cool Rock (pet).svg Cool Rock Named after CoolRox95, the Lord of the Wiki.
Puff, the Baby Dragon (pet).svg Puff, the Baby Dragon Named after Puff, the Magic Dragon
Snek (pet).png Snek Internet-speak for snake - comes from the meme This is Snek
Caaarrrlll (pet).png Caaarrrlll Character from Llamas with Hats
Gunter (pet).svg Gunter Character from Adventure Time as well as the name of Malcs real life pet dog
Bruce (pet).svg Bruce Character from Finding Nemo
Lil Ron (pet).svg Lil Ron Ingame wordplay on the Item Big ol Ron
Leonardo (pet).svg Leonardo Character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Finn, the Cat (pet).png Finn, the Cat Character from Adventure Time as well as the name of Malcs real life pet cat
Marahute (pet).png Marahute Character from The Rescuers Down Under
Salem (pet).svg Salem Named after the Salem, the Magic Cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Monk-ey (pet).png Monk-ey Wordplay on the word Monk
Asura (pet).png Asura Creature in Hindu Mythology
Golden Golbin (pet).svg Golden Golbin See Golbins