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{{V0.12.1}}{{Item|name=Dragon Platebody|description=No Description|id=118|category=Combat|type=Armour|sellsfor=3450|customData={{ItemEquipSlot|equipmentSlot=Platebody}}|itemSources=*Opening: [[File:Elite Chest (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Elite Chest]]
*[[File:Smithing (skill).svg|25px|middle|link=Smithing]] (Lv. 99)|itemUses=*[[File:Combat.svg|25px|middle|link=Combat]] [[Combat]]
*[[Upgrading Items]]}}
==Item Sources==

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Dragon Platebody
Dragon Platebody
No Description
Item ID: melvorD:Dragon_Platebody
Category: Combat
Type: Armour
Sells For: 3,450
Equipment Slot: Platebody
Item Sources:
  • Opening: Elite Chest
  • Smithing Level 99
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes


Armour Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
Strength Strength Bonus 0 Defence Defence Bonus 109
Combat Stab Bonus 0 Defence Damage Reduction 0%
Combat Slash Bonus 0 Ranged Defence Bonus 106
Combat Block Bonus 0 Magic Defence Bonus -6
Ranged Attack Bonus -10 Equip Requirements
Ranged Strength Bonus 0 Defence Level Required 60
Magic Attack Bonus -30
Magic % Damage Bonus 0%

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Smithing Level 99
Materials 5 Dragonite Bar
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 500 XP
Base Creation Time 2s