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Deep Sea Ship
Deep Sea Ship (dungeon).svg
Dungeon ID: 4
* Coins.svg 280-1120
Pirate (monster).svg Pirate x7
First Mate (monster).svg First Mate x1
Pirate Captain (monster).svg Pirate Captain x1
The Kraken (monster).svg The Kraken x1

Deep Sea Ship is a Very Hard dungeon consisting of 10 fights and rewarding Pirate Booty (item).svg Pirate Booty.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Damage Damage Type Count
Pirate (monster).svg Pirate 64 500 84 Melee 7
First Mate (monster).svg First Mate 82 750 131 Melee 1
Pirate Captain (monster).svg Pirate Captain 103 1000 177 Melee 1
The Kraken (monster).svg The Kraken 177 3000 204 Melee 1


Each run of the Deep Sea Ship rewards one Pirate Booty (item).svg Pirate Booty, which contains the following possible loot: Template:Pirate BootyLootTable