Damage Reduction

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This page is out of date (v1.0).

Damage Reduction is a stat that does exactly what it suggests: It reduces the amount of damage taken by a player or monster. Unlike other combat numbers that are complex calculations, a player's Damage Reduction is determined by simply adding together all Damage Reduction bonuses the player has, whether from equipment or something else like a Damage Reduction Potion or Leonardo (pet).svg Leonardo.

Many monsters have Damage Reduction modifiers that affect their defensive stats.


Whenever a player or monster with Damage Reduction greater than 0% would receive damage, instead the damage the damage they take is equal to:

Damage Taken=Base Damage∗(1−Damage Reduction)

Note that the Combat Triangle will affect how much damage reduction the player has if they are using a different style from the monster.


Monsters with Damage Reduction