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While only 2 official [[Game Mode]]s exist, the community has created a series of custom gamemodes to add further challenges or limitation than what the official gamemodes provides.
#REDIRECT [[Game Mode#Community Created Game Modes]]
== Official gamemodes ==
These modes are available on Character creation. A third official gamemode is in planning.
=== Standard ===
No Restrictions, normal gameplay
=== Hardcore (HC) ===
This gamemode is Permadeath. Your character is deleted upon [[Combat#Death|death]].
No passive [[Hitpoints|Hitpoint]] Regeneration.
80 [[Bank]] slot limit from [[Shop]]. [[Bank Slot Token|Bank Slot Tokens]] still work if limit reached.
Harsher [[Combat Triangle|Combat modifiers]].
== Custom Gamemodes ==
The official gamemodes can be combined with 1 or more of the following custom gamemodes.
=== Main ===
Main account normally trains everything to 99 and finishes the Completion Log in its entirety.
=== Skiller ===
Skiller accounts do not train anything [[Combat]] related.
=== Pure ===
Pure accounts typically only train one of the [[Combat]] options.
Such as:
* [[Attack]] Only
* [[Strength]] Only
* [[Defence]] Only
* [[Magic]] Only
* [[Ranged]] Only
=== Combat Only (CO) ===
A Combat Only account is not allowed to use any non-combat skills (including [[Alternative Magic]]).
Another variation of "Combat Only" is where you are allowed to use any items you obtain from [[Monsters]] for any non-combat related Skills.
=== 12 Bank Slots (12B) ===
With this custom gamemode, you are only allowed to use the 12 [[Bank]] slots that you begin with.
== Combination Examples ==
With all of the Custom Gamemodes available, a lot of players tend to combine a few of them.
For example:
* Hardcore + Combat Only (HCCO): This player would have all of the restrictions of a Hardcore account along with the restrictions of a Combat Only account.
* Combat Only Skiller (COS): This player is only able to train their non-combat related skills with items that they obtain from Monsters. Which means they aren't allowed to do any Gathering skills (Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, etc).
* Hardcore + 12 Bank Slots (HC12B): This player would have all of the restrictions of a Hardcore account, but instead of having only 80 Bank slots to use, they are further restricted to only using 12 Bank slots.
=== Impossible Combinations ===
Unfortunately, when you create a new account, you currently don't start off with any items. This means that you cannot use the following Custom Gamemode Combinations:
* Magic Pure + Combat Only
* Ranged Pure + Combat Only

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