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Gold Pieces (GP)
Slayer Coins (SC)
Raid Coins (RC)

There are three types of currency in Melvor Idle: Coins.svg Gold Pieces (GP), Slayer Coins.svg Slayer Coins (SC), and Raid Coins.svg Raid Coins (RC). GP and SC are used to purchase items, upgrades, and equipment from the Shop, while Raid Coins are used to purchase upgrades and skip waves for the Golbin Raid minigame. There is no limit on the amount of GP, SC, or RC the player can have.

Number formatting can be changed in the Settings menu under interface settings. Currency numbers below 100,000 are not abbreviated, numbers 100,000 in size or above will have the last three digits replaced with the letter K. K is shorthand for thousand, so 100K represents one hundred thousand. Numbers 10,000,000 in size or above will have the last six digits replaced with M. M is shorthand for million, so 10M represents ten million. Numbers 10,000,000,000 in size or above will have the last nine digits replaced with B. B is shorthand for billion, so 10B represents ten billion.

Gold Pieces

- Main article: Money Making

Coins.svg Gold Pieces, also known as GP, Gold, or Coins are primarily earned by selling items through the Bank. GP can also be earned by Thieving, training Agility, using item alchemy Alt. Magic spells, or killing Monsters. GP does not need to be looted and is automatically collected.

Slayer Coins

- Main article: Slayer

Slayer Coins.svg Slayer Coins are earned by completing Slayer Tasks. A guide explaining Slayer Task mechanics can be found here. Monsters killed for Slayer Tasks earn Slayer Coins and Slayer experience points equal to 10% of the slain monster's hitpoints. Note that Slayer Tasks are the only way to earn Slayer Coins, and killing monsters in a Slayer area that aren't the player's current Slayer Task will not earn them Slayer Coins.

Raid Coins

- Main article: Golbin Raid

Raid Coins.svg Raid Coins are earned by completing waves in the Golbin Raid minigame, and have no impact on the game outside of this minigame. Raid Coins can be either spent in the Raid Shop to gain permanent upgrades for future raids, or used to skip the current wave while a raid is in progress.