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This article is about training the Crafting skill. For the skill itself, see Crafting.
This page is out of date (v0.16.3).


There are several items you can use to increase the rate at which you train the Crafting skill:

Name Description
Ancient Ring of Skills (item).svg Ancient Ring of Skills The Ancient Ring of Skills is a rare drop that can be found while Fishing (skill).svg Fishing. It increases the XP gained from non-combat skills by 8%.
Pyro (pet).png Pyro The Firemaking pet provides a +1% boost to XP gained in any skill.
Firemaking Skillcape (item).svg Firemaking Skillcape The Firemaking Skillcape provides a +5% boost to XP gained in any skill when worn.
Perpetual Haste (upgrade).svg Perpetual Haste After beating the Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Air God Dungeon players can purchase Perpetual Haste, which decreases the time per action for Crafting and Fletching by 20%
Caaarrrlll (pet).png Caaarrrlll Once acquired, the Crafting pet reduces the time per action while Crafting by 0.3s
Crafting Skillcape (item).svg Crafting Skillcape The Crafting Skillcape reduces the time per action by 50%, making it very useful for players looking to keep gaining XP after reaching 99.
Crafting Potion I (item).svg Crafting Potion The Crafting Potion can be made at Herblore Level 49 and provides a chance to double the xp gained on any given crafting action.

Acquiring Materials

Although it is possible to receive Leather (item).svg Leather and Green Dragonhide (item).svg Dragonhides from fighting various Monsters, it is much faster to buy them from the Shop. Leather can be purchased directly from the shop for Coins.svg 100 per pieces, and Dragonhides can be purchased for an amount of GP and Leather depending on the tier. This guide will assume you are purchasing all materials from the store as gathering them via combat will take substantially longer than it would to make the money through other means.

Early Training

From level 1 to level 57, players should make the best leather item they can. Jewelry materials cannot be feasibly acquired in large enough quantities to offer a real alternative, although players who already have Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bars and gems on hand may choose to mix them in to speed things up slightly.

Levels XP Needed Item XP/Item Profit/Item Count Total Profit Time
1-7 650 Leather Gloves (item).svg Leather Gloves 13 Coins.svg -25 50 Coins.svg -1,250 2 minutes, 30 seconds
7-9 319 Leather Boots (item).svg Leather Boots 16 Coins.svg -25 20 Coins.svg -500 1 minute, 0 seconds
9-11 389 Leather Cowl (item).svg Leather Cowl 18 Coins.svg -25 22 Coins.svg -550 1 minute, 6 seconds
11-14 749 Leather Vambraces (item).svg Leather Vambraces 22 Coins.svg -25 35 Coins.svg -875 1 minute, 45 seconds
14-18 1,416 Leather Body (item).svg Leather Body 25 Coins.svg -25 57 Coins.svg -1,425 2 minutes, 51 seconds
18-57 199,731 Leather Chaps (item).svg Leather Chaps 27 Coins.svg -25 7398 Coins.svg -184,950 6 hours, 9 minutes, 54 seconds
1-57 203,254 7,582 Coins.svg -189,550 6 hours, 19 minutes, 6 seconds

Green Dragonhide

From levels 57 to 71, items made out of Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Dragonhide are the most efficient XP/level. Since Green Dragonhide can effectively be purchased from the shop for Coins.svg 200 per piece and items made from Green Dragonhide sell for an amount equal to Coins.svg 200 per piece of dragonhide required, making Green Dragonhide items is cost neutral as a baseline and will actually turn a small profit thanks to materials saved by the Mastery.svg Mastery effect.

Levels XP Needed Item XP/Item Count Time
57-60 70,488 Green D-hide Vambraces (item).svg Green D-hide Vambraces 50 1,410 1 hour, 10 minutes, 30 seconds
60-63 94,857 Green D-hide Chaps (item).svg Green D-hide Chaps 99 959 47 minutes, 57 seconds
63-71 445,846 Green D-hide Body (item).svg Green D-hide Body 148 3,013 2 hours, 30 minutes, 39 seconds
57-71 611,191 5,382 4 hours, 29 minutes, 6 seconds

Final Levels

After reaching level 71, players have a choice: They can continue training using Green D-hide Body (item).svg Green D-hide Bodies all the way to 99 while turning a small profit or they can begin creating Blue D-hide Body (item).svg Blue D-hide bodies and gain slightly faster XP in exchange for losing money. There are three routes from 71 to 99:

All Green Dragonhide

Levels XP Needed Item XP/Item Count Time
71-99 12,219,986 Green D-hide Body (item).svg Green D-hide Body 148 82,568 2 days, 20 hours, 48 minutes, 24 seconds

All Blue Dragonhide

Levels XP Needed Item XP/Item Profit/Item Count Total Profit Time
71-99 12,219,986 Blue D-hide Body (item).svg Blue D-hide Body 168 Coins.svg -150 72,739 Coins.svg -10,910,850 2 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes, 57 seconds

Blue Dragonhide into Red Dragonhide

Levels XP Needed Item XP/Item Profit/Item Count Total Profit Time
71-77 661,136 Blue D-hide Body (item).svg Blue D-hide Body 168 Coins.svg -150 3,936 Coins.svg -590,400 3 hours, 16 minutes, 48 seconds
77-99 11,558,850 Red D-hide Body (item).svg Red D-hide Body 187 Coins.svg -450 61,813 Coins.svg -27,815,850 2 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes, 39 seconds
71-99 12,219,986 65,749 Coins.svg -28,406,250 2 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, 27 seconds


Using Green Dragonhide all the way to level 99 takes 8 hours, 11 minutes, 27 seconds longer than swapping to Blue Dragonhide.

Using Blue Dragonhide all the way to level 99 takes 5 hours, 49 minutes, 30 seconds longer than swapping to Red Dragonhide.