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This page is up to date (v0.15.4).

Cooking is used to turn raw fish into edible food. There are two chances to burn food while cooking, there's a primary 30% chance which can be reduced by mastery, and a secondary 1% chance that can only be removed by the Cooking Skillcape or Cooking Gloves. If food is burnt during cooking, the player will receive 1XP. Burnt food is inedible and can be sold from the bank for 1GP. Reaching cooking level 99 will unlock the Cooking Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Food will never burn when the Cooking Skillcape is equipped.

Utilizing the Generous Cook Potions gives a 10-50% chance to double the amount of food gained.

Cooking food normally takes 3 seconds. Purchasing the Art of Control god upgrade reduces this time by 20% to 2.4 seconds.

Mastery Unlocks

Each level of mastery reduces the primary burn chance for a particular food by 0.6%. At level 50 mastery, the primary burn chance for the food becomes 0%.

Cooking Fires

Cooking fires can be purchased from the Shop if the player has the required Firemaking level. They remove the need to light a fire to cook food, and also increase the amount of Cooking experience gained.

Cooking Items

Below is a table of all the items that can currently be cooked.

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